Friday, 3 June 2011

New Series: Workout/Spin Track of The Week

FYI: I'm also a spin instructor and teach 3 classes a week, the main reason I enjoy teaching Spin is THE MUSIC!

So I've decided to start a new series: Workout/Spin Track of the Week


I have always loved 'Galvanize' by The Chemical Brothers and re-discovered it last week!

I played it on Thursday, Friday and Tuesday, haha!  Everyone loved it as a sprint track and it will be making an appearance in my classes often :)
  • It was the 1st single from "Push The Button", their 2005 album. 
  • It won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording in February 2006. 
If there's any track you absolutely LOVE and find very inspiring and motivating while working out, please share... :)


    1 comment:

    Mocha said...

    I LOVE that song!
    Another song that gives me a second wind, you could say, when i'm working out is 'All Alone' by Splittr
    I love love love it!