Monday, 27 June 2011

'Get Trimmer...' WEEK FIVE

Hello :)

Hope you enjoyed your weekend – again I spent most of mine in bed or on the sofa trying to get a 100% better and I think I’m almost there :D  Just in time for my 30th birthday tomorrow – unbelievable how time flies, I remember my 1st day in primary school at the age of SIX.

As stated last week, the second half of the challenge will be a little more focused than the 1st half. I understand a lot of you are busy so won’t have time to check in everyday… but at least 2 comments from you per week would be great – one at the beginning of the week and one at the end. I’m feeling much better now so I’ll answer questions within 24 hours :)
Sooo…  what did you eat this weekend?

--> This Week's Nutrition Post <--
--> This Week's Fitness Post <--


omoba-adeteju! said...

Congrats on your forthcoming 30th looking forward to mine which is some few months away.
Nice work you are doing on this "get trimmer challenge", could'nt continue 'cos I realised I am expecting my baby number 2.
Hope to join in months to come..
much love,

Miss T said...

Hey Adura,

Over the past few weeks I've been following your blog as much as I can and have made (what to me) are some major changes both in my diet and kinda my exercise;(still need to take the exercise seriously,)
But yes, here's my progress so far:
I started drinking only water, aiming for the 2 litres a day; with the exception of a glass or 2 of juice some weeks. I also started eating plantain and beans more as my staple as oppose to rice which wasn't too hard since I always try to make the stew as tasty as possible.
I've cut down on ALOT!! of snacks although I still have some weaknesses in this area which I'm still adjusting and I'm trying alot more with the fruits and vegi's while doing my best to stay as active as I can, this includes jogging and of course using my resistance bands. :)

My only clause at the mo is finding healthy and low fat snacks to eat in between meals to stop me getting extremely hungry before meal times. I love cashew nuts and other types of nuts but they are so expensive. I also don't mind salads but eating this all the time can be so boring. I'm dedicating some time aside to do some research online for this but just to ask:
do you have any particular favourite inexpensive snacks that keeps you going?

Overall though, I think I've lost quite a bit of fat around my waist line. My next aim really is to start toning up as much as I can.
So yeah, that's been it so far.
YAY! me lol...

Hopefully this progress will continue!

Myne Whitman said...

Happy birthday, in arrears? I came over from the NBA to say congrats too, and all the best.

Adura said...

@Omoba - congratulations! I hope to add some 'nutrition & fitness during pregnancy' posts in the near future. Watch this space :)

@Miss T - Well done! I'm sorry if you've told me this already, where do you live?

@Myne Whitman - Thank you :)

Miss T said...

Hey Adura,
I'm over here in the Uk with you. :)