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1. Tell me more about yourself?
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2. Could you please share some weight loss tips?
There's a lot of information on this blog. Do a search for healthy tips, recipes, workouts :) Follow me on FacebookTwitter or Instagram for regular tips and updates.

Also, you should sign up for the 7th Get Trimmer online program, it starts on the 14th of October 2013.

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For now, READ THIS for some useful information..

If you require a tailored program, please send me an email to info @ adura-o . com (take out the spaces before sending the email).

3.  Can I buy natural skincare products from you?
Yes. Please contact me.
4. Do you offer Personal Training services? What are your rates?
I offer one-to-one, group and online Personal Training. Please contact me for more information.

5. Could you suggest some healthy meals and recipes?Click on the image below to view all recipes posted on this blog. I will be posting recipes on my YouTube channel so make sure you *SUBSCRIBE*

6. I have video/blog requests, how should I send them to you?

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