Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Next *Healthy* Recipe, 'Fried Quinoa', Will Be Up On Sunday

After getting a request to post some quinoa recipes on my YouTube Channel, I finally gave in and bought a pack of quinoa over the weekend. I'd never had the urge to cook it before the request, to be very honest.

I used a simple Fried Rice recipe and I think it came out really well :)

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'Fried Quinoa'
I have some workout videos planned, just need a kind-hearted friend (I hope they see this) to volunteer to be my camera man/woman.

Keep the requests coming, please :)

Monday, 24 September 2012

'Suya Chops' Video

Happy Monday!

How I wish I could be this cheerful every Monday :)

I just HAD to share this picture with you:

My friend, CY attended my Friday morning class and that was how she felt about me later that morning. I think I'm the opposite... I'm angelic ;)

And on to the actual reason for this post, I've uploaded another recipe on my YouTube channel, your feedback would be appreciated so please - Rate, --> Subscribe <--and if you have the time, leave a Comment.

More recipes are lined up :) Have a GREAT week ahead!!!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My Favourite Sports Bras

I recorded this video a few weeks ago but didn't find the right time to upload it, especially as I had the Food Diary Series up last week.

Then last week, my friend asked me to suggest a sports bra brand as she needed to try something new.  Her last bra kept popping open while she was at one of my classes ;)

For a great range of sports bras, including my favourites, click here ---> Less Bounce. Thank me later ;)

So here's a video on my favourite brand and model of sports bras:

Also check out this video I uploaded quite a few months ago on the importance of sports bras, SUPPORT THOSE BOOBIES!

If there's anything you'd like me to talk about on my blog or in my videos, I'm all ears (or eyes, actually) :)

Photo Credit: Less Bounce

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Patience is a Virtue... The Journey To My Healthy Mosa Recipe

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Happy Sunday :)

Remember that burnt mess (The frittery mosa thingies) in this video?:

Well, I took my time today.
  • I made sure I wasn't hungry
  • I used all the ingredients
  • And I used medium heat
Here's a comparison picture:
Even the best of us make mistakes ;) :p

I'm very happy with the results and can't wait to try it again, I won't share the ingredients yet because I'm still working on it ;) One thing I'll say is, I replaced the flour with ground almonds.

Enjoy your Sunday and have a nice week ahead!

Recipe Credit: Avartsy Cooking

PS Watch all of last week's Food Diary videos:

And read all the blog posts here: Food Diary Blog Posts 

Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday's Food Diary

I've been posting these food diary videos at night, when I'm tired and lazy to do a write up.

Oh I BURNT my lunch, it still tasted good (I made it, ha!) and I more than made up for my lunch with my scrumptious dinner:
Almond Pancakes with Sausages... YUMMM
Recipe for the pancakes (Ground almonds instead of flour):

This was a Monday - Friday series so I'm happy to say I'm done, woohoo!!!

I hope you found it useful, have a nice weekend!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thursday's Food Diary

Let me warn you before you watch this video, I was home all day - ILL! I spent the entire morning/early afternoon in bed and rest of the day on the sofa.

When I'm ill, I crave sweet things and I'm glad I didn't have too much temptation at home. The worst thing I had today was a pack of plantain chips! Now if I'd had a pack of biscuits, I'd have inhaled them using my state as an excuse.

I also drank a lot of water (+ 4 big mugs of lemon & ginger tea), I was thirsty all day. I had a pint of water almost every hour I was awake!

This week has made me realise how much time daily vloggers dedicate to recording, editing and uploading videos! And some of them record ten times more than I do, WEEK AFTER WEEK AFTER WEEK!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wednesday's Food Diary

Here's today's Food Diary:

I had a cup of Innocent smoothie as seen in the video. That was my sugar fix ;) If I had a pack of biscuits at home, I'd have been tempted to have 2 or 4 or even 10. Seriously!

Looking back at this video, I now realise I was falling ill, why?
Because I didn't have much of an appetite in the afternoon and evening. I know myself so well, I love my food and I eat more on the days I exercise. For me to have had 2 pieces of chicken and some spinach in the afternoon, then forced myself to eat dinner (sweet potatoes and salmon) - not normal (for me!),

Although I started this series to provide an insight into my eating habits, it's also helped me get back into my routine. The routine I've been struggling to get back into since I got back from America in July!

It's easy - plan, prepare and cook in advance. Always have healthy food available and keep unhealthy (and usually unnecessary) food out of reach.

Fluid intake: about 2 litres.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tuesday's Food Diary

Read THIS POST (I will be posting my food diary Monday to Friday this week).

Here's Tuesday's video:

As you can see from the video, I was up early. My Monday started at 10am, Tuesday at 5.50 am.

On Tuesday, I work out at 7am (Fitter London Kettlebells) and also teach a spin class (another workout as I teach on the bike) at 1.15pm. This usually means I have a larger appetite, also as it's still early in the week, I find that I stick to my healthy eating goals 100%.

I had dinner very early and this is a new thing I'm trying on days I get home after 8pm. After 8pm, I usually get home tired AND lazy so I do one of two things:

  • Eat dinner very late, after 8.30pm --> Going to bed on a full stomach and just feeling uncomfortable
  • I don't eat at all --> Next morning I wake up ravenous and eat anything I can get my hands on. Even before a workout, which is not ideal.
My nutritionist friend, Keris of Fitter London, suggested I start eating dinner early on these days so I don't have to worry about eating so late. It's working!!! :)

As NaturalNigerian rightly brought up - what was my water intake for the day? I'd say about 2.5 litres. I drink a lot of water most days, especially when I work out. I also had 2 mugs of tea.

Feel free to ask questions :)

Monday, 10 September 2012

This Week - My Food Diary!

For some of my readers, this has come months (a year!) too late but better late than never, right? ;) As you can see in the above picture, I've prepared some food for the week to make life so much easier - no need to worry about what to eat.

Every evening, I will post a video of my food diary on my YouTube Channel --> so it's best if you --> SUBSCRIBE <-- to stay updated.

See ya!

First video:

On Mondays I'm home most of the day, I have a late start and I don't really exert myself physically like I do Tuesday to Saturday. My friend mentioned this was "too little" but wait till you see Tuesday's food diary ;)


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Sunday, 9 September 2012

How To Resist Temptation - Keep It Out Of Sight

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On to the main reason for this blog post...

I posted 'Healthy Tip #2 - Keep unhealthy food out of reach' last month.

Here's a video to go with it:

And... this applies to anything, not just food ;)

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Monday, 3 September 2012

Recipe: Baked Plantain Chips

Hello! Hope you had a nice weekend, mine flew by as always!

I decided to bite the bullet and finally try to record a recipe video. I almost did about 4 months ago but gave up because my kitchen is quite small and I just couldn't get the right angles.

After a conversation with my friend on Saturday, I decided to start with a simple recipe and I think I got it right. What do you think?

Anyway, on to the video. I love plantain chips and I can easily finish 2 packs without taking a break. They're just so yummy, crunchy and moreish! It wasn't until after I baked them that I realised I probably eat 3-4 plantains when I inhale those 2 packs! 3-4 DEEP FRIED plantains! *sigh*

If you love plantain chips, you can still have them - just prepared in a healthier way. Yes, they are high in carbs but as a staple Nigerian food, you don't want to cut them out. Just prepare them in healthier ways and eat in moderation.

Cut out the random, nameless oil they're usually deep fried in and replace with a maximum of 2 tablespoons of coconut, olive or avocado oil.

Take a look at the easy recipe below and try it :)

Your feedback would really be appreciated, please 'like' the video (of course if you do like it!) and leave a comment. Also, I'd like to know what other recipe videos you'd like to see.

Have a nice week!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Homemade Moisturising Spritz

Yep, yet another YouTube video. I'm finding it much easier to talk than write at the moment, I'm guessing it's just a phase. It's actually been a fun experience recording and editing videos :)

I've had an interesting week, not that you asked ;) The most important thing I'm taking away from this week is: To Set Myself Weekly (or Bi-Weekly) Goals. Any goal that will better my life :)

All my classes went really well this week and after my Friday lunchtime spin class, my weekend started early as always :)

Anyway, on to the reason for this post, I've been using this moisturising spritz for YEARS. I love it.

Ingredients: (cheapie) Conditioner, Oil, Glycerin and Water. 

Prep Time: 5 mins (MAX)

Great For: Braids, Twists, any kind of extensions. Natural hair in twists or any style where you're not worried about reversion or shrinkage and relaxed hair in a wet style (eg wet bun to air dry).

Watch... and SUBSCRIBE ;)

PS This channel (different from the one in the previous post) is 2 subscribers away from 50 and I have a giveaway lined up for it. So hurry ;)

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Thanks in Advance!