Monday, 25 April 2011

Lagos So Far...

Boiled Plantain, Efo (minus palm oil) with chicken and meat. This was on my 2nd day here :)

Loved every mouthful of it... maybe I'll have it for lunch today ;)

I haven't found it hard to eat healthy... what I've found hard is eating consistently. I usually eat at least 5 times a day (snacking included) but here in Lagos, I realise I ate 2ce on Friday! Why? Unlike London, where I live and I'm in charge of everything I eat, here in Lagos - I kinda depend on others. For example, I was in my friend's house a couple of days ago and was HUNGRY. But she has two kids, had to take a shower, and so many things to do (I can't imagine what it's like to have 2 little kids). To assist her, I carried her cute baby boy for almost an hour while she showered and tended to her older child. Then I had to work on the flyer for Saturday's event  and before I knew it, it was dinner time!

After that day, I've decided I'll always have at least one snack bar in my handbag so I can eat something instead of going hungry for hours.

This had made me realise - it's even harder for stay at home mums to eat right and frequently. My friend gave her daughter some biscuits and she had half of one... no surprise there, if I had to feed someone and hadn't eaten anything at all, I'd eat anything! *watch this space*

I haven't been eating perfectly here in Lagos... I've had:
  • Three scoops of vanilla ice cream from Ice-Cream factory
  • A chicken shawarma
  • Some FRIED (**Shock Horror**) Plantain at my friend's house. Only reason was I was HUNGRY and they'd fried all the plantain and I just couldn't wait anymore!
I love how fresh the food is here... I saw what I thought was a baby shark in the oven and was informed it was Tilapia! In London, Tilapia is like a quarter of that! And the sweet potato here... a million times better than sweet potato in grocery stores in London. I usually buy my sweet potatoes from my butcher's (Indian) and it's very similar to the one here. But it just tastes better here... Plantain - Yep, tastes better here :)

Happy Easter!

PS I ran a mini-workshop in my friend's house on Saturday - Adedayo got there 5 minutes after it was supposed to start and was worried she was late... Funto got there about 45 minutes after and thought she was late... WRONG, they were both very early compared to when everyone else showed up! Lesson learned - No one is ever on time because nothing ever starts on time :|
I think it went ok (but I've made a few changes to the content so I manage my time more) and most of the ladies liked the snack bars I brought :) Big thank you to the ladies that attended and hope to meet more of you this Saturday.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Lagos Workshops - Venues Confirmed

Introductory Nutrition, Fitness and Health Session with Fitter London Trainer Adura Odesanya.

* 1.5 hour workshop geared towards Nigerian women and our lifestyles.
* Nutrition advice on healthy cooking, portions, snacking and more
* Fitness Tips - Correct Technique, Home and Gym workout examples incl. a Taster session.
* Q&A

When: Saturday 23rd April, 2pm
Where: Lekki (email me for full address)
Places are limited (maximum of 20)

When: Saturday 30th April, 3pm
Where: Lifehouse V/I (email me for full address)
Places are limited (maximum of 30)

Fee: There will be no fee as this is an Introductory offer
*Please* RSVP:

Flyers for next week's workshop(s) will be posted soon :)

Monday, 4 April 2011


Hello! Yes I'm gonna say it - Happy Monday, lol!

I cannot believe it's April already... this year is flying by at an amazing rate! I'll be celebrating my 30th birthday soon and I honestly can't wait for it :)

Anyway, enough about me... because trust me - I can go on for ages :p

I've had a couple of ideas these last few weeks. One of them came about after my friend Tosin told me he uses one of the home workouts I posted last year. I completely forgot about those and was glad that he found it useful. Also I've been training a friend via email for the last few weeks and although he says he hates me right after the workout, it's going really well for him.

My plans for future blog posts include regular posts on:
  • 'Get Trimmer...' (sorry I've not updated in ages)
  • Nigerian recipes (detailed)... focusing on keeping it healthy and enjoyable
  • Home workouts - I'll also be posting Fitter London's Matt Whitmore's iVillage vlogs (see below), especially when I'm being too lazy :p
  • Home-made natural skincare and haircare - Like I've not blogged enough about this yet ;)
  • Random posts as always including my food diary while I'm in Lagos* :)
*FYI: I plan to be in Lagos in a few weeks, I'm going to:
  • run a workshop which will include a 30 minute presentation on nutrition, exercise tips and a 15 minute Q&A session.
  •  be available for consultations (ideally one to one)
  • Venue and Date To Be Confirmed 
If you're interested, please send me an email: email 'at' with subject 'FL LAGOS WORKSHOP'.

Have a nice week :)

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