Monday, 13 June 2011

'Get Trimmer...' Week Three: Nutrition Tips

As requested, here's an example food plan for a day:

A. Small cup of 0% yoghurt and a handful of berries or half a banana
B. Egg, vegetables and fish e.g.
- an omelette
- fish, scrambled eggs and tomatoes (or your choice of vegetables)
C. Fruit e.g.
- A banana and an apple
- A handful of berries and a handful of nuts (cashew, brazil, almond, etc)

A. A portion of fruit e.g. an Apple, a handful of berries, A banana (this is a good option if you didn't have fruit for breakfast.
B. A handful of nuts (again, if you didn't have these for/with breakfast)

A. Chicken Salad (little or no dressing)
B. A portion of rice (preferably brown) | beans | sweet potato | plantain (roasted or boiled) with a generous portion of vegetables (spinach, mixed veg, etc <--- your preference) and a portion (or more) of fish, chicken, etc. EG Brown Rice, Efo (spinach) + Chicken

A. If you have left over lunch have it. I'm actually doing that today :)
B. Snack options above

A. My favourite - fish and vegetables. e.g. (the efo in THIS recipe) or fish with steamed vegetables

There's a wide range of food you can eat but I hope this is enough of a guideline. Please post your food diaries in the comment section this week :)


In the midst of her said...

Thank you...thank you!! I know I have been super riding you about this meal diary and I am so happy you did it. Just glancing over it ( cuz I am at I noticed you eat a very low amount of carbs and fill up on veggies and meat/fish/chicken.... I have a question of fruit; I now you once told me that I ate "too much" fruit and it could give me a sugar high which will eventually make me peckish...could you elaborate on fruit servings, the right amount to eat and if there are any to avoid?

Adura said...

Hey, sorry I'm just replying. Will it be ok to make that next week's Nutrition post?

I'd say 2 (max 3) portions of fruit a day.

Examples of 1 portion
- a banana
- an apple
- a handful of berries
- a handful or grapes
- an orange


ibiayo said...

hi, how do you make the 0% yoghurt?

Anonymous said...

Too much fruit, is there anything like that?

aloted said...