I can help you look good, but more important - feel great! I'm here to show you how to meet your healthy goals without breaking the bank or doing any of that crazy stuff you've probably heard about. 

Personal Trainer, Online Coach (Fitness & Nutrition), Founder of 'Get Trimmer With Adura' program, Aspiring Entrepreneur, Healthy Lifestyle Blogger and a very simple woman (my friends might disagree with the latter!). 

I am passionate about helping you reach your healthy goals, and not only look good but also feel great! My goal is to help you approach these changes by making sustainable lifestyle changes through eating fresh, real food and effective exercise, I do not believe in "diets" or endless training sessions!

Guess who used to be overweight? 
I went down 4 dress sizes, lost over 40lbs and most importantly, I've maintained it! With over 10 years of learning through first hand experience, and professional certification, I understand obstacles that many face in trying to reach weight loss and fitness goals.

I provide advice and solutions through blogging, personal training (in person and online), meal plans, healthy shopping consultations and the "Get Trimmer" online nutrition and fitness group coaching program.

Read about my weight loss journey here:

Some of my hobbies are:
  • Cooking (and eating) scrumptious & healthy food, 
  • Strength training & Yoga, 
  • Mixing natural beauty products,
  • Chilling on the sofa with a great book.