Monday, 27 June 2011

'Get Trimmer...' Week Five: Nutrition Post

Oops, I'm in birthday mode this week... This year I'm not just havng a birthDAY, I'm having a birthday week :)

I'm going to try to eat healthy today, Thursday, Friday and Saturday because Tuesday's my birthday (anything goes) and I'm going out for dinner on Friday.

Inspired by my unhealthy eating during my birthday week, this week's post is going to be about Treats and Indulging :)

Tips on indulging:

  • Do not completely cut out your most favourite treats because there will come a day when you'll binge. It happens, trust me.
  • Choose your top 3 treats and rotate them every week... one of these treats a week.
  • Eat healthy at least 5 times a week and have a day or 2 where you relax and treat yourself to a couple of indulgent foods e.g. ice-cream, cake, brownies.... don't get me started ;)
  • When you do treat yourself, don't binge-eat i.e. have a slice of cake (just one), one brownie, one (maximum 2 cupcakes depending on size), 3 biscuits.
  • Eat your treats slowly, savour the taste... a mistake I used to make was stuffing a whole biscuit into my mouth, chewing and swallowing it within seconds. Before I knew it, I'd inhaled 10 biscuits. Now, when eating my favourite treat (rich and creamy ice-cream), I take my time and use a teaspoon so it lasts longer ;)
What are your top 3 favourite treats?

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Titi's Passion said...

Happy birthday Adura! May you celebrate more and more IJN and may God grant you the desires of your heart.The cake looks so yummy! I love warm brownies with a bit of ice-cream on the side, warm Belgian waffles with ice-cream and crepes with strawberries and nutella! I love my treats, lol