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I got into haircare in 2007 after years of my hair being the same length and starting to thin out. I joined a couple of haircare forums and my hair went from strength to strength... I started out with relaxed hair and now my hair is natural :)

My use of natural haircare products led to me trying out natural skincare products and 'recipes' and I've had great results! I think of myself as a mixologist as I keep trying different things for friends and family.

I started with relaxed hair at this lengt

Took very good care of my hair from the start and noticed a lot of improvement by 2008...

I made the decision to transition to natural hair and did so for 18 months. I am not a fan of braids or weaves so I learned different styles to make my transition as smooth as possibleoved every minute.

Twistouts were my favourite hairstyle while I was transitioning, here's an example:

 In June 2010, after 18 months of transitioning (i.e. no relaxer application), I cut my relaxed ends off. 3 months later, in September, this is a twistout on my natural hair: