Wednesday, 1 June 2011

'Get Trimmer...' WEEK ONE

Hi Ladies!

GOAL: To kickstart a change in lifestyle - healthier eating and regular exercise.... and ofcourse to lose a few inches ;)

  • It's going to run for exactly 2 months from Wednesday 1st June until Sunday 31st July
  • To confirm your participation - you all *have* to comment with your name and your goal.
    e.g. My name is Adura, my waist measurement is xx inches and my 2 month goal is to lose 4 inches. My long term goal is to lose yy kg and zz inches.

  • There will be weekly Nutrition tips/info
  • And weekly Exercise tips/info (home workout and gym classes)
  • It would be great to make this as interactive as possible - treat this as a forum to ask any questions, share recipes and useful information.
  • If you're interested in being featured during the 2 month period, please let me know.
  • I'm hoping, but not promising (yet!), there may be a prize involved :)
--> This week's Fitness Post <--

    ** By taking part in this challenge, you are confirming:
    - You are in good health. If neccessary, please consult your Dr especially if you feel unwell.
    - If any of the recipes or meal suggestions contain any ingredients you've never ingested, have a small amount to confirm you are not allergic. If you have access to an allergy test, please have one done.
    - If you are completely new to exercise, please consult a fitness professional to help you with technique.

    I will provide alternatives to exercises to make them suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced :) If you have any injuries, please let me know what they are before you try out any exercises**


      Ms zee said...

      My name is Omo waist 34" my goal is to loose 4" around my waist. Weight 82kg long term goal is 65kg but my short term 2 months is 77kg so 5kg in 2 months I think I can top that but i love setting realistic goals, hitting them and re-evaluating.

      lets do this people its summer and I so want to wear a 1 or two piece on the beach :)

      In the midst of her said...

      My name is Inthemidstofher,my waist measurement is 36.5 inches and my two month goal is to lose 3-4 inches. My long term goal is to lose 15lbs and whatever possible inches. I am pumped... I am ready... I CAN DO THIS!|

      Aduke Owon said...

      My name is Aduke, my waist measurement is 30 inches. I hope to lose 4 inches of my waist. My long term goal is to lose 20 lbs (~9.1kg).

      Adura said...

      Thanks Ladies :)

      I've recieved emails (with stats) from:

      miss ndibe

      I'll upload them tomorrow.

      Adura said...

      Welcome to the challenge Aduke! :)

      Foluso said...

      Hi i'm Foluso and I would be looking to lose upto 10kg in the next 2 months ( I hope i'm not being too ambitious tho!)...but yeah I'm all psyched up, ready to go.

      sweetandsensible :) said...

      Hi, my name is sweetandsensible, my waist measurement is 29 inches (I think, Im doubtful of my measurements)and my weight is 148 lbs. My goal is to lose 2-3 inches along my waist and lose at least 10lbs, my long term goal is to maintain my weight at a 138-145 lbs range forever.....

      ahdedayo said...

      hi, it's ahdedayo, waist now is 35", not sure what size i want my waist to be but my long-term goal is to have a flat stomach and toned arms :D

      oluwakemi said...

      Im Kemi, My goal is to loose 1 and half stone. Im geared up and ready to go!

      Adura said...

      Hi Ladies :)

      Waffarian said...

      Hey...I am in. Can't find my tape yet but will send measurment as soon as I can. Yesterday for breakfast I ate a bowl of oat meal, two cooked eggs, and tomatoes. For lunch I had a chicken sallad very late by 5. I am trying not to eat after 6. I am quite okay with the nutrition part but I have a very hard time motivating myself to jog...even though I do enjoy it when I do. Any tips? Today I ate omelette for breakfast and yoghurt and tomatoes. For lunch I might eat chicken and vegs. Still have not solved the training part.

      In the midst of her said...

      I sent you an email with my stats....on sat, di you get it?

      Adura said...

      Yes I did :)

      Mo said...

      Hi im Mo and im looking to lose 10 kg in 2 months! and adopt a healthier lifestyle too!

      Adura said...

      Hi Mo!

      I want you chesking in more often ;)

      ibiayo said...

      hello, my name is ayo. my waist is 38" nd am looking to lose 4 inchs at the end of 2months