Wednesday, 1 June 2011

'Get Trimmer...' Week One: Exercise Tip

Exercise is very important, its many benefits include:

- a healthier heart
- reduced risk of some types of cancer
- reduced risk of Type II Diabetes
- increased life expectancy
- and more

During this challenge, there will be posts on both home workouts and gym classes... Make sure you ask any questions you have in the comments section.
This is a repost:
If you like walking or running outdoors, interval training should be your friend. Walking or running at a constant pace isn't very challenging and can become boring. 30 minutes of interval training is by far more effective than an hour of constant pace.:
  • Pick a destination about 50m ahead. Pick up the pace (power walk or run, fully involving the arms) until that destination's reached. Slow down for no more than a minute and repeat as many times as possible
  • If you train indoors on a treadmill or bicycle, the above approach will work perfectly for you :) Pick up your pace and slow down at set intervals, cardio machines have an added advantage of showing you your speed and your distance.
  • At different intervals, stopping at a kerb and performing step ups (stepping up and down) for one minute as fast as possible. Continue walking and repeat after a few minutes of rest. Repeat as many times as possible.
If you like walking and are just not ready to start jogging/running yet, try this:
  • Warm Up for at least 5 minutes, start at a slow pace and slowly pick up your pace. At the 4 minute mark, she should be power walking - taking long strides at a quick pace and using your arms to propel you forward
  • Intervals: Power walk (or take it to a light jog) for 30seconds, slow down for 1 minute. Repeat 10 times.
  • Walk at a gentle pace for 3 mins.
  • Step ups -  1 minute (if you can jog up and down the kerb), rest for 30seconds. Repeat at least 5 times.
  • Walk for 3 minutes.
  •  Stop. Perform 15 squats, see illustration below:

Start standing upright, with your hands behind your ears

Slowly sink downwards like you would on a chair. 

Main points for squats:
- Keep your shoulders back and your chest open. and your heels should stay on the floor the entire time.
- Return to starting position by pushing your heels into the floor and standing up. Squeeze your bum. <-- 1 squat.
Squats are great for strengthening your glutes (bum).
  • Rest for 15 seconds and repeat the squats for 3-4 sets.
  • Walk for 5 minutes at a slower pace.
  • Stretch (I'll include stretching pictures to this post soon).
Try the above and please let me know how it goes.

If you can't do the step ups and the squats, do either of them... and slowly build up to doing both.

REMEMBER: If you're new to exercise, consult a professional to help you with technique. If you have any health issues, always confirm with your Doctor before doing any exercise.


sweetandsensible :) said...

1 the treadmill bored me to tears so i started using the elliptical, which is a little better but I still find a bit boring........what do yo think about bicycling? I want something I enjoy doing.

2) I want to buy some starter weights to lift at home, what are your thoughts/opinions/advice

Adura said...

It's best to do what you enjoy doing... The elliptical is a little more bodyweight bearing than the bike. To make it a little more interesting/challenging, try interval training. Eg 20s as fast as you can, 10s rest/slow down and repeat at least 8 times. You'll have little time to be bored :) Definitely cycle too but try to alternate between both (bike + elliptical).

You could maybe start with 2x4kg dumbells and 2x6kg dumbells. I'll post some dumbell exercises next week.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday's Workout: walked about 3 miles.

Will give updates if I get to work out today.