Monday, 6 June 2011

'Get Trimmer...' WEEK TWO


Hope you enjoyed your weekend... I did - Fitter London and Cooking, loved it!

It's the 1st full week of the challenge and it's really good to see a lot of you are taking part and sharing a lot :)

So... how much did you over-indulge this weekend. Don't be shy - confess your sins ;)

I'll start - this weekend I had ice-cream. I had some chocolate (I know it was 85% cocoa so it's healthier than most but I had a whole bar of Green & Blacks Chocolate!) I had a pack (or maybe 2) of plantain chips and... I had some asaro (yam pottage) at my friend's mum's house ;)

So... please share - it'd be great to know what your weekend eating habits are like.

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Anonymous said...

This weekend at the retreat, I had 2 scoops of ice cream, 3 slices of pizza, I usually don't drink coffee but I had about 4 cups (yeah I couldn't believe it either, lol) and 2 pieces of chicken (they were fried, thats why I'm adding it to the list)
Oh and I had some bread too.

Thank you for the stew recipe :)

Ms zee said...

I had a snack all through last week from peanut butter cookies to chin chin, puff puff, 4 breezers (alcohol) and the icing on the cake tripple black and white chocolate home made dammit I have been very bad :) . I weigh in at 81kg today woohooo.

Lets do this people :)

In the midst of her said...

I was pretty good this weekend. I had some pounded yam and efo for the hubby's birthday but that was basically my only meal of the day cuz there was so much to do. I also had one ice-cream popsicle, the "97% fat free ones that have no taste"

sweetandsensible said...

I feel like my sweet tooth will be death of me, this weekend, I had half a bowl of frozen yogurt which tastes just like ice cream with nuts etc on it but that really was it, ive gone a little bit of grocery shopping so my healthy eating is getting better. Ive started having chicken for breakfast instead of my absolute fav thing, bread.......

Waffarian said...

One small bottle of Dr Pepper, and chocolate biscuits.

Funto said...

Ah where do i start?? this week ive had chocolate(crunchies), yummy ofada stew and white rice(i scooped off all the oil sha),big chunk of bread, oohh and some fried plantain. But i worked out a little extra.

oluwakemi said...

I had bread pudding and cocacola. Also been eating quite late too (8pm-ish). Resuming the gym this week and I intend to work out everyday.

Adura said...

LOL! So you see we're not alone... ;)

Back to being good... very good!