Monday, 1 July 2013

Happy New Month & Second Half of 2013

I CANNOT believe it's July already! This year has flown by!

Hope you had a good, relaxing weekend, it was nice and sunny here in London - a rare occurrence so I made the most of it.

As it's the second half of the year, I decided to re-share my story both as a reminder for longtime readers and also to let new readers know.

I can't tell you how many people stare at my old pictures in disbelief because they assumed I'd always been in good shape... wrong! I worked hard to get here, and I'm still working hard to maintain it all. I love food, I always will, and this love for food is what caused my rapid weight gain when I moved to the UK in 1998.

Click on the image below to read my story up to 2010, I've learned a lot more since then and there'll be another post on that soon.

Losing the weight is half the battle, keeping it off is what really tests your willpower. Trust me, ANYBODY can lose weight - either from doing it the sustainable way through healthy, clean eating and exercise or starving themselves or even through surgery. When you get to your goal weight, you can't just sit back, relax and fall back into old habits. You have to resist the constant temptations of unhealthy (albeit yummy) foods and stick to your new healthy routine. 

Although I've never gone back to anywhere near my heaviest, I have had some setbacks - remember when I came back from a 6 week break in the US and looked a little rounder? It was a very busy time and a larger portion of rice here and a biscuit or two there all added up. Luckily, I got back on track after a while. Nobody's perfect - I know I'm not!

Funny thing is - I can't remember why I started this blog post now. But I hope someone finds it useful and motivating. As I like to say - IF I DID IT YOU CAN!

While we're on this topic, if you need help and guidance reaching your goals, you could sign up for the next round of The Get Trimmer Challenge (starts on Monday 5th August) or contact me for Personal Training (which includes Nutrition Advice) either online or 1 to 1.

I will be announcing an offer on Online Personal Training, to celebrate the second half of 2013... keep your eyes peeled. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (both @Adura_O) as I'll be sharing it there.

Have a great week and I'll see you on here soon. I should be recording a recipe video this week, watch this space :)