Sunday, 28 July 2013

Healthy Eating On An Extra Tight Budget.

It all started with a picture I posted on Instagram a few days ago (view HERE). I can't count how many times I've heard the excuse of how it's hard to eat healthy on a budget!

I love this quote, "If something is important to you, you'll find a way"!

I woke up this morning very inspired - I had withdrawn £20 from the ATM yesterday and had no immediate use for it, in addition, I had some loose change (£5.22) in my wallet. I initially intended to set a budget of £25 but decided to make it more exciting ;) I love a challenge!

I posted this on Instagram and got some encouragement and interest:

I decided to post (on Instagram) as I shopped.

My first stop was my local halal butchers/food shop. 2 bunches of spinach for £1 and 3 plantains for £1 (they also sell more riper plantains at 4 for £1 but I want them to last as long as possible. Plus it's better for me to have less food at home, ha!), it started very well.
I also bought 2 whole 'boiler' chickens at £1.99 each, apparently boiler chicken is older (elderly!) chicken so it's tougher meat and ideal for stews. I like it because it reminds me of home (Nigeria) and I just like it.
I bought one (white flesh) sweet potato for 71p, bargain! Total: £7.19

On to the supermarket, I prefer shopping in Sainsburys but Morrisons is right beside the butchers and I couldn't be bothered to walk five minutes to Sainsburys <-- Don't be lazy like me, haha!

4 limes & lemons for £1, 5 bananas for just over 30p, things were looking good :)

Today was my lucky day, fresh mackerel (from £4.99 to £3.99 per kg) was on offer and I bought 4 whole ones for £3.77. I also bought the rest of the ingredients for my green smoothies, 2 tins of sardines in olive oil and frozen peas. I bought onions, although they were not on my list. I spent £10.21 in Morrisons.
There were no organic eggs in Morrisons, so I went to the 'Sainsburys Local' across the road and bought some (£2.25).

Everything came to a grand total of £19.65, do I didn't even have to break into my emergency fund! I had 35p to spare too, amazing!

1. To avoid impulse purchases, write a shopping list, plan what you'll cook/eat for the week/month before leaving home. The only thing I bought today, that wasn't on my list were onions!
2. Go to local small businesses because some things they sell are cheaper than supermarkets, and are actually better quality!
3. Buy frozen. Sometimes I buy frozen fish, especially when it's on offer. Of course fresh fish is better but if you're on a tight budget, buying frozen helps. Vegetables - I buy mixed vegetables, peas, broccoli, and a few others. Sometimes I buy frozen spinach, if I want to use it in okra soup.
4. Keep your eyes peeled for offers!

Do you think healthy eating is too expensive? Why don't you give my tips above a try, and let me know how you go?

Have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

Hey thats neat! One question though, how long is this food supposed to last for? I aim to spend about £60 a month on food