Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Nominated for a Leibster Award

Daisy from 'Living in Lagos' nominated me for The Liebster award, which is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

I remember when I used to blog years ago (as 'LondonBuki'), I used to love stuff like this - they made blogging more fun!

Here goes...

The Rules
  1. Thank and link back to the giver.
    Thanks Daisy :)
  2. Answer the giver's questions 
    a.  What is your favorite book of all time and why?
    I can't pick just one book! A few of my favourites are:
    Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
    His Dark Materials (a trilogy) by Phillip Pullman
    Harry Potter (Great series but my two favourites were the 3rd (Prisoner of Azkaban) and 4th (Goblet of Fire) books)
    Ake by Wole Soyinka
    ... and quite a few more!

    b What are you most passionate about and why?
    As you can see from my blog, clean & healthy living inside and out. Outside of this, I'm passionate about taking care of my loved ones and ensuring their happiness - I've learned this about myself over the last 10 years. Don't you dare say a bad word about anyone I care about or do anything to hurt them, you'll have ME to answer to... seriously!

    c. What are you up to at the moment?
    Apart from writing this, working on a few important things that I hope will make a huge impact in my career (wish me luck!)

    d. What would you say to your 10 year old self?
    Show your Mummy how much you love her, every single day. Enjoy every single call she makes and never get annoyed by her constant calls - she loves you :)

    e. Where and what would you like to be & do in 5 years?
    In the USA, but honestly - where I'm meant to be. To have advanced greatly in my career (I prefer not to share my future plans online, sorry!).
  3. Nominate 5 other blogs with fewer than 200 followers I nominate any blogger who reads this and has less than 200 followers ;)

  4. Ask five questions for nominees to answer
    1. Why do you blog?
    2. If you could pick any country, where would you live? What city/town?
    3. What are your top 3 all time movies?
    4. What are your top 3 meals/dishes?
    5. What do you think about healthy eating/living? Do you eat whatever you like, when you like because "life is too short"? Or do you know the benefits but struggle to et/live healthy? I'm curious to know :)
  5. Post it on your blogYou're reading it, so it's obviously on my blog ;)

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