Monday, 1 April 2013

My March Favourites (2013)

Happy New Month :) I can't believe it's April already! 

I decided to keep this short and sweet, leaving the image below to do most of the talking :)
Green smoothies:

Palm Oil Mask: 

Organic tampons:

I've used these for a while but finally got my hands on the ones with applicators (halleluyah!). And before you say anything about, "They're probably expensive", they're not! We focus on what we eat and put on our bodies, how about what we leave in our bodies for hours on end? Using a sanitary pad/towel is obviously better (Read: Toxic Shock Syndrome) but, in my opinion, messier. So I'm embracing these chemical free tampons :)
Do they work: Yes they do!

Have you tried any of the above?

Have a wonderful April!

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