Saturday, 11 February 2012

My 3rd YouTube Video (My Food Diary: What I Eat)

Slowly getting there... I know by my 10th video, I'll be a pro ;)

Enjoy your weekend, more vids coming soon... including recipes.


In the midst of her said...

GREAT vid Adura and massive cyber hugs to you. I sooooooooo appreciate this video.
1) I noticed how u eat lotsa good carbs n stay away from the refined/ processed high glycemic index stuff. How many times a week would u say u eat rice?
2) you bulk ur food up with veggies
3) u gave me flash backs to my Christmas in London with the underground pic. I practically lived on the tube.

Much appreciated video n looking forward to more!

Vickii said...

This is great! You do seem very comfortable in front of the camera! It is useful - lots of meal tips as well :)

Adura said...
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Adura said...

You're welcome @ITMOH :) Sorry it's AGES late!
Rice - I hardly eat rice anymore. If I wanted to include it frequently in my diet, I'd have basmati or jasmine(I think that's what it's called, the one Asians e.g. Thais use) rice maybe 2ce a week. But as we like Long Grain rice for our jollof/fried rice, I'd have it once a week.
I do eat a lot of veggies now :)
Ahhh, the tube - I'm dreading how bad it will be during the Olympics!

@Vickii Thank you so much! That's very encouraging! :) :) :)

In the midst of her said...

ummm... At the risk of u blocking me from my constant I have a favor..

Adura , as I am modifying my meals with what I'm learning... May I send in meal pics to you. I would love to know what u think of it...

Adura said...

Harass away :)

Yes you may ;)

manga mboa said...

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