Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Currently Loving... Honey & Fullers Earth Mask

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll already know about my love for Fuller's Earth Powder and this video: Natural Face Mask (Fuller's Earth)

I'd been meaning to try it out with honey as it is very moisturising and according to one of my favourite quotes, "Anything that's good enough to be eaten is great for your skin" :)

I added a tablespoon to my usual mix (see video link above) and one thing to note is: although it dries like the original mix does, it doesn't change in colour so don't wait over 15 minutes for this as it will most likely never happen ;)

Once I rinsed it off, my skin already felt softer and after moisturising, I wanted to kiss my cheeks... unfortunately that's not possible!

Please ignore the drunk look in the next picture - looks like I was mid-blink. Not too sure about the lips either... maybe I was actually trying to reach my cheek to kiss it? o_O

Pimple on my cheek aside, I think it's ok to say I love my skin!
Update: Watch This (Fullers Earth + Palm Oil Mask):


Anonymous said...

Looks great! How often do you do this?

Adura said...

I love it! Once a week... :)