Monday, 4 July 2011

'Get Trimmer...' WEEK SIX

Hi Ladies,

How are you doing? Weekend?

Where are you? Have you deserted me in my time of need? :'(

After a week of indulging (Mine and a friend's birthdays, my God-daughter's christening), lets's just say I should be taking part in this challenge this week ;)

I had cake, jollof rice and fried rice. Everything else was kinda ok - moin-moin (easiest translation for non-Nigerian readers- bean cake), stewed chicken and fish. Only problem was - there was EXCESS oil (chicken and fish). It tasted really good but at one point I felt I had a coating of oil on my tongue and I knew it was unhealthy but I kept saying, "Birthday Week, Greedy Week" <-- Haha!

Please tell me you did better than me...!

--> This week's NUTRITION post <--

1 comment:

Ms funty said...

I did better than you. Way better! ate very healthy this past weekend and worked out too(yay im so proud of me). This week promises to be even better i got my yummy 9bar and my resistance tube (im determined). So far ive been alternating the bar and oats for breakfast. i take the bar every other day and suprisingly its filling. Keeps me till lunch. Also been doing some resistance exercises( bicep curl and others) and some ab workouts. Yay for me once again.