Monday, 18 July 2011

'Get Trimmer...' WEEK EIGHT

Hi Ladies,

The challenge is over :)

But the journey continues... and, as it's been for me, it never ends.

My journey was (and still is) a learning curve:
  • I started with Weight Watchers, learned a lot about eating healthy to lose weight
  • I didn't stay on long enough to learn how to keep my weight stable ==>I kept losing weight
  • I go too skinny and then started eating a little more ==> Gained a little weight (which was necessary) and maintained a healthier weight for a year
  • Started going to the gym/running regularly and started eating even more ==> Weight Gain
  • Revisited my diet/nutrition and made some changes (permanent and not temporary for weight loss) ==> Went back down to a healthier weight and stayed there... Still here after a couple of years so I think I have it right now ;)
So... although this challenge was for 8 weeks and to help with weight loss, a lot of the positive changes you've made should be permanent.
  • This doesn't mean - no more rice, no more yam, no more 'swallows'/'okele', etc. 
  • It just means - smaller portions of these very heavy carbs and less frequency of their intake, 
  • Eating more vegetables and fish/chicken/meat. 
  • More nuts
  • Less sugary fruit
  • Eating smaller meals but more often (every 3 hours is a good guideline)
Both last year's and this year's 'Get Trimmer...' posts can be viewed --> HERE <-- 

Well done ladies and keep up the good work... and of course - healthy (nutrition, fitness and beauty) blog posts will always be a frequent occurrence here :)

PS I need volunteers for a survey re: my new website (in development), please let me know if you're interested in taking part. Thank you :)

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