Monday, 25 July 2011

Eating Healthy is Quick & Simple!

Hi... hope you enjoyed your weekend, I did :)

Mini Guest Post

inthemidstofher sent me an email (with pictures, yes!) over the weekend and I had to share. More proof that you can tweak recipes and end up with results that work for... YOU.

"This is breakfast: 3 egg whites with some efo and a piece of fish in between"

"Salad with baked chicken"

"Lunch: Fish with some spinach"
How simple is her recipe for the eggs?? (Love it!):
"I only eat egg whites ( 20 cals is better then 90) and i had efo riro with fish  in the firidge so i made the egg and put some efo in between, like a sandwich and warmed it up like that..."

You can substitute the efo with any vegetables you like, and use chicken, turkey or anything else instead of fish. Don't totally avoid egg yolk, for example - if you want to use 3 eggs for the above recipe, use one yolk and save the other 2 for something else e.g. Try adding it to THIS home-made conditioner for much needed protein :)

Sunday's Dinner

I made the easiest meal out of some leftover stew from the week. I'd eaten all the chicken by saturday night but wtill had a substantial amount of  stew left... Sorry, I didn't take any pictures.
  • Stew , Frozen (cooked) mussels (£1 from Tesco), Mixed Vegetables.
  • Heated the stew in a pan, added the mussels and mixed vegetables. Allowed to cook on medium heat for 10 minutes.
  • Served with plantain - yum!
Please email me with pictures and recipes HERE


    9jaFOODie said...

    Yeiiiiii------------Happy I found your blog. looks interesting. i am extremely interested in skin care. I am a "blackichan" and I love it, I have always wanted to even my skin tone though (naturally).
    any advice?

    NaturalNigerian said...

    Eggs with Efo ke? You guys are pushing the boundaries and I love it! Nothing wrong with having veggies with all your meals.

    Adura said...

    @9jafoodie Hi!!! Love your blog :) 'Blackichan', love it! :p

    Re: Natural way to even out your skin tone
    - natural scrubs to exfoliate the skin (eg. honey and brown sugar -,

    - Also try applying apple cider vinegar *very* diluted with water after cleansing your face. I usually do 1 part ACV to at least 6 parts water. I store this in a bottle and apply to my face with a cotton pad.

    **I've read about using honey + lemon juice but I haven't tried it.**

    I'll put up a more detailed blog post on this soon :)

    @NaturalNigerian Exactly :)

    In the midst of her said...

    Lol..Nat 9ja... Don't knock it till you try it. It's scrumptious girl!!!!

    9jaFOODie said...

    Yeiiii.. looking forward to the post. Thanks for the response.

    Mocha said...

    One of the BEST brekkies I had was an omelette with spinach and smoked turkey so I'm totally buying this!!! The food looks awesome! Gonna try just egg whites for a while..nice one...o i