Tuesday, 12 July 2011

'Get Trimmer...' WEEK SEVEN : Guest Post

“Who hoo my starting weight was 65kgs I weigh 60kgs now!! In the beginning, my waist was 33cm now itss 29.5 cm! Progress. I'm so excited.”

When I started this it was purely for fun. I’ve always been small and suddenly my size 8 clothes didn’t fit so well again plus little comments from people like “Ah Funto u better start going to the gym o! Looks like your work is not stressing you well enough” another person said “I see you have a lot more peace of mind at your job”. I got the nice and subtle hint and then I knew I had to take the GT challenge seriously.

I love cooking so I just followed the examples of the meal plans Adura gave:
  • I ate more veggies, more sweet potatoes, less rice, plenty chicken (without skin) and I cooked with little or no oils ( I never believed Adura until I tried cooking without oil and I hate to admit Oil does not improve or reduce the taste and yumminess of your food).
  • I also reduced my consumption of fried stuff and ate more fruits like watermelon, pineapple, grapes and apples.

An example of typical day was:

  • Oatmeal for breakfast,
  • fruit salad for lunch
  • 1 boiled plantain, 2 huge pieces of chicken and plenty efo riro (yummy efo riro with very little palm oil)

and that filled me.
Sometimes I swapped the oatmeal for a super yummy 9Bar (The Nutritious, carob topped mixed seed bar….. with hemp) for breakfast.

Now to the part most people (including me) hate EXERCISE!!!!!!
Well my major concern was my bulging tummy (it looks horrible and the fact that I have a small body doesn’t help) so I did lots of abdominal exercises (planks) and I found this website really useful www.fitnessmagazine.com. I also did squats, lunges, press ups and some resistance tube exercises (thanks to Adura for my lovely resistance tube).
When I started my body hurt like crazy but that was an indication that the exercises were working (I hope). I work out for about an hour everyday most times in the evening when I get back from work. I stopped taking the elevator (running to the 5th floor every morning is not funny oo!). So many times when im working out my Mom goes “you’ll soon disappear” but I shrug it off and keep working.

There are sometimes when I just cannot avoid a little helping of Rice and Ofada stew with some fried plantain sha (but I don’t eat much of that I guess moderation is key)

So enough of my stories!!! I’m not there yet, I wanna be a size 0 ( I really wish). I guess its all about making little life style changes and when u see the results and improvements, it makes you want to keep pushing.

Well done Funto!
I've met Funto and she is quite small so although 65kg sounds perfect to most of us, she was carrying a little extra weight around her midsection (sorry Funto! lol)

I think she's doing really well and the only thing I'd say is to have less of the sugary fruit (pineapples, fruit salads, etc) and more nuts and veggies. And slowly work on reducing the frequesncy of oatmeal for breakfast (which she seems to be doing by having the 9bars sometimes :) )
And I'm working on more fitness posts so watch this space.

I'm so proud of you Funto :) And honestly, you don't need to be a size 0.


Myne Whitman said...

I'm really encouraged. I thought I was reading about myself for a moment there, her starting stats are basically same as mine. Wish I could say I've also lost weight like her, lol...

Maybe I will...

Adura said...

You will :) :)