Monday, 27 May 2013

Curlvolution 2013!

First of all, WELCOME to anyone who's visiting my blog for the first time (and through Curlvolution!). Sorry if I was talking too fast on stage or if I didn't make much sense, N-E-R-V-E-S! I hope to see you around here more often!


I was at the Curlvolution: Curlfriends Day Out 2013 event on Saturday. It was held at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Docklands.

I missed their first ever event last year because I was out of the country. I was so happy when Bukky (the organiser) told me the date for this year's event - I wasn't on holiday, whoop!

I did a small segment which was supposed to be about 'Hair & Health' BUT I got on stage, saw a sea of people and FROZE! Lol! Thankfully, the host 'Action Jackson', saved me and I finally got my confidence back. I forgot to talk about hair & health though, LMAO!

I had a great time and I'll definitely be back next year. If you missed it this year, make sure you don't next year!

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