Monday, 14 January 2013

Dry Hair Remedy with Argan & Almond Oils

I neglected my hair ALL week. I got back from my Christmas break on Tuesday and after a 2 hour nap, went straight back to work!

I left my hair in a bun all week and only moisturised the exposed parts of my hair and my edges, of course!

So, it was no surprise that when I took it down from the bun, my hair felt like straw. Unfortunately, I had almost run out of my favourite conditioner (Organic Roots Salon Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner) so I had to make an impromptu concoction of ORS, Nexxus Humectress and I had no Olive Oil (which is my go-to conditioning oil), so I used Argan Oil and Almond Oil.
I'm actually working on a homemade conditioner mix but haven't gone back to it in a while... soon :)

Argan Oil is a great oil for the skin and hair (I use it for both). It's rich in vitamin E.
It contains high levels of essential fatty acids that help moisturise the hair and give it a natural shine. It also strengthens the hair and helps prevent (note I didn't say fix or seal!) split ends. Finally, it's a great remedy for dry scalp conditions including dandruff and resulting itching. What's not to like? I added a tablespoon of Argan oil to the mix.

Almond Oil is another good oil for hair AND skin. It helps retain moisture and restore shine to hair. I added this to the mix to help seal in the moisture from my conditioners. Like Argan oil, it's rich in vitamin E and also Vitamin D which nourish the hair by smoothening and strengthening. I added a very generous amount of almond oil as it's a carrier oil and is cheaper (very important, haha!)

I also use both oils in hot oil treatments or pre-poo (pre shampoo application a few hours before washing the hair.)

  • I applied this generously to my hair and covered with a shower cap. 
  • I went about my Sunday duties for a few hours (read: I went back to being lazy) and conditioner-washed my hair later. 
  • Applied my leave in conditioner, detangled and put my hair in 8 braids to dry overnight.
  • Today, I took each braid down, moisturised (with my shea butter cream) and re-braided to help stretch out my hair even more (that explains why my hair can lay so flat, it could be mistaken for relaxed from afar).
Today, my hair feels very soft and moisturised. It's currently in boring braids to help stretch it out so it's not worth taking a picture. I'll take one tomorrow and will try to remember to post here.


Tolulope Popoola said...

Good thing I have both oils in my hair drawer :)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Adura. I need tips on natural hair cos am in the transition stage. Thank u