Friday, 25 January 2013

Braids and Food

What a clever title, right? I've had my braids hang into my food and that wasn't nice :/
I just couldn't think of an interesting title so this is going to have to do!

Anyway..... This is just a quick update on my hair (which is now in braids, as seen below) and food, I'm sure you had no idea!! :p

I got my braids done on Monday and after an early start (the lady rang my doorbell at 6am!), enduring a numb backside and trying to stay awake, she was done before 2pm :)

If you're wondering how I take care of my hair while it's in braids, watch the video below. Which reminds me, I need to make another bottle of my braid spray:

As usual, I'll keep the braids in for no more than 3 months.

I'm so happy it's Friday because I get done with work early so I get to relax and cook :) I bought some lambs' livers on Thursday night with the intention of making okra soup today. Well, I got home today and realised I forgot to get some!
There was no way I was going back out in the freezing cold for nonsense okra!
So I had to improvise and just pan fried the livers with red onions (seasoned with salt, paprika and mixed herbs) for about 10-12 minutes and added some spinach to cook with it for a few more minutes.
It doesn't look great but it tasted very good (I cooked it so of course it did!) and has many nutritional benefits :)
And then my dinner was YUMMY :) I recently purchased a slow cooker and I have tried out three meals in it so far. I think I got it a week and a half ago!

This was a simple stew: venison sausages, sweet potatoes (the Jamaican ones here, very similar to the ones in Nigeria), red onions and chopped tomatoes. I pan fried the sausages and onions for a couple of minutes before adding to the slow cooker and left everything to cook for a few hours.
And I finally bought courgettes (zucchinis) for the first time ever! Thanks to some tips from Ceri (of Cucina Ceri), I didn't add it to the stew, I sliced into large chunks, season with chilli, drizzled some olive oil on it and put it in the oven for 20 minutes.

The clean plate in the picture shows exactly how I felt about it ;)

So that's my Friday update done, I'm just finishing up some documents to send out for the Get Trimmer challenge now and then BED :) #TGIF

You can still sign up for the challenge by clicking on the image below:

FYI: In Naira, it's N5,000 if you prefer to do that. Just send me an email asking for a/c details. Once the Early Bird offer runs out, it will go up to £26.99 or N6,750. This will be available until Friday 1st February, when registration will be officially closed.

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