Friday, 11 January 2013

2013: New Year Updates (VIDEO)

I'm finally back recording & uploading videos. I didn't realise how much I missed it until I started editing the video below :)

Main highlights in this video:

- If you have any requests, let me know:

- Sign up for the Get Trimmer challenge is officially open. This will be the best yet! I can feel it in my bones ;)

- If you're interested in personalised fitness and/or meal plans, contact me for more information.

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Hope your year's off to a great start, see you very soon :)


ashani said...

hi adura just watched your video fantastic motivation i would definitely sign up for the next challenge.i couldn't help noticing your hair,did you relax it?

Adura said...

Hi Ashani,

That's great :) I'll post more information soon.

Lol, nope I didn't relax my hair!!

That's what happens when I use a scarf to lay down my edges :) I'm still 100% natural :) My hair probably stayed flat like that because I hadn't worked out, once I do, it 'poofs' up!

Adura said...

Here's a pic of my hair from last week:

:) :)