Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My Favourite Sports Bras

I recorded this video a few weeks ago but didn't find the right time to upload it, especially as I had the Food Diary Series up last week.

Then last week, my friend asked me to suggest a sports bra brand as she needed to try something new.  Her last bra kept popping open while she was at one of my classes ;)

For a great range of sports bras, including my favourites, click here ---> Less Bounce. Thank me later ;)

So here's a video on my favourite brand and model of sports bras:

Also check out this video I uploaded quite a few months ago on the importance of sports bras, SUPPORT THOSE BOOBIES!

If there's anything you'd like me to talk about on my blog or in my videos, I'm all ears (or eyes, actually) :)

Photo Credit: Less Bounce


Cathy Anderson said...

It is extremely hard for someone of my bust size to buy regular bras, making supportive sports bras almost impossible...until now. Not only does this have great support, but is extremely comfortable, right out of the packaging. I'm sure after washing and fabric softening, it will be even better. Thinking of ordering more bali bras , just for everyday wear as well. Thank you.

Adura O. said...