Monday, 16 May 2011

Sunday's Dinner: Sweet Potatoes & Chicken

Boiled and pan fried sweet potatoes, chicken and vegetables (haha, a friend of mine saw pictures of my meals over the weekend and said I eat like a rabbit. Do rabbits eat chicken and fish?)

I just read Natural Nigerian's comment on my 'Maggi is Salt' post and that reminded me of my dinner yesterday. As much as I love maggi, I know it's full of "extras". I'm working on eating as clean and natural as possible.

I will post the recipe for this later but the main reason for this post is: My seasoning consisted only of: Mixed Spice (curry, ginger, etc) and mixed herbs (thyme, etc) and it still tasted really good.

I'm going to buy some rock salt which is natural in comparison to table salt (that's another post in itself). I'll used that instead of Maggi every other week to start off and I'll see where that takes me.

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