Monday, 30 May 2011

'Get Trimmer...' Participants (so far..)

Hi Ladies,

Welcome to the challenge :) It's great to have you!

Structure of the challenge will be as follows:
  • It's going to run for exactly 2 months from Wednesday 1st June until Sunday 31st July
  • To confirm your participation - once the first official post is up, you all *have* to comment with your name and your goal.
  • There will be weekly Nutrition (e.g. recipes and meal suggestions) posts
  • And weekly Exercise (home workout and gym classes) posts
  • Comments/Feedback/Questions from you all
  • Features on participants who volunteer :)
  • I'm not promising (yet!) but there may be a prize involved :)
Participants so far are:
  1. Mocha
  2.  MsZee
  3. Tolulope
  4. Funto
  5. inthemidstofher
  6. Mo
  7. Kemi
  8. sweetandsensible
  9. Jennifer
  10. 1511th
  11. Ahdedayo
  12. Emma B
  13. 1elleboogee
  14. yemkiks
  15. bride2be 
  16. missndibe
  17. lovestweets
If you haven't sent me your stats, your name isn't on this list or you haven't registered, please let me know before the end of Tuesday (I know Monday's a holiday for most).

See you on Wednesday for the official start of the challenge :)

PS I'll post the 'Giveaway' results on Tuesday!


Yemkiks said...

Adura, i'm interested!!!!!!!

Bride2be said...

Hey Adura,

Am in.

Currently 13st, need to lose
1st 10lbs before my wedding in 3months.

Please help.

WASParty said...

Can i still join?? is it just for tummy??

1511th said...

Yahhhh! Thanks for including me. woooohooo excited

1511th said...

I am 11sts 5lbs and my goal is to get to a fab gorgeous amazing 10sts, many thanks.