Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Get Trimmer... the countdown :)

Loving the response so far, this honestly will be a better version of the first challenge... it has to be :)

One of the new features will be:
  • Bi-weekly feature on participants, I will send out questions that you'll need to answer
I am really looking forward to it already.

If you haven't already please:
  • Follow this blog (and/or Twitter and Facebook)
  • Email me (adura.odesanya'AT' your measurements and a short description of yourself (e.g. where you live, how long you've wanted to lose weight for, your exercise history - do you exercise, do you have any injuries...)
And we'll be all set to start out next week!

PS If you have any allergies, health issues, injuries... please consult your Doctor before taking part in this challenge :)


sweetandsensible said...

Ive been trying to email you, the one on your contact me section dosent seem to work, can you please give me your email address...

Adura said...

That's odd... thanks for letting me know.

Try adura.odesanya'at'

Replace the 'at' with @

Adura said...

Oh just checked my email on the contact page... if you remove the spaces, it works fine. I did that to avoid spam.