Friday, 13 May 2011


I totally apologise for not keeping to my promise of resuming the 'Get Trimmer' challenge but I have great news :) I won't celebrate prematurely but I'm hoping this challenge can be taken to another level next month.

I've had a lot going on and have finished one of my important tasks - it seemed to take forever. I kept getting distracted by other matters and wasn't able to focus on the most important task.

Well it's all done now, so woohoo!

Back to the reason on this post... Please post your questions or suggestions (anything you'd like to see?) in the comment section of this post OR send an email. The answers will be the focus of my blog posts for the next month before relaunching Get Trimmer Part 2

Please ask any question and I'll answer to the best of my knowledge and experience.

I'm finally... FINALLY... going to start uploading YouTube videos. I'm sooo looking forward to June :)

Enjoy the rest of your week and please do not forget to post your questions :)

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