Friday, 27 May 2011


Finally I've uploaded my first video... Now that I've jumped that hurdle, I'll record more and they'll be better ;)

So... as stated in the video:
  • Follow or 'Like' me on Twitter, Facebook and this Blog
  • Email me (email'at'
  • You must live in the UK or in Lagos (Nigeria of course!)
  • Comment in this post with your name and if necessary twitter handle :)
Resistance Bands are great for a wide range of strength exercises (and I'm a huge supporter of Strength Training, read THIS) including:
  • Bicep Curls 
  • Shoulder Presses
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Squats
  • Rows
  • Pressups (with added resistance)
  • and more....
    You can get a total body workout using them :)

    **If you are selected as a winner - before using the band, please check with your Dr and ensure you are fit and healthy. I will post some how-to videos, if you follow the tips, ensure you have understood them carefully and if in doubt train under the supervision of a professional**

    Remember 'Get Trimmer' starts on Tuesday so please send me info as stated HERE

    Have a nice weekend!

    PS Result will be posted on Tuesday (31st May) morning.


    Vickii said...

    Oooh you seem all nice and sweet in your video! Ahem, which is exactly how you are in real life ;p

    This is great, you look and sound great, not sure why you were so nervous! But why aren't you wearing shorts to show off your hot legs!!

    Adura said...

    Exactly, everyone says I'm sooo sweet ;)

    Hot legs? Yep, you definitely want something from me! Ok, next video I'll wear shorts and dedicate the vid to you, lol!

    In the midst of her said...

    Adura....What about your American fans???!! LOL

    Adura said...

    Hi. How are you? :)

    I'm hoping to make other giveaways open to America too... that's my next plan.

    I promise :)

    Gochi said...

    *coughs* so em i follow you on twitter and em facebook so err on the video i didn't get an email address to send so here's my entry :p

    I love give-away's LOL

    Adura said...

    Oops, my email address is:



    Funto said...

    Twitter done, facebook done and now fingers crossed!! Who doesn't love giveaways??? ℓoℓ @ vickii's comment. Uploading videos is surely a good development. You look superb. I'm really inspired

    Adura said...

    Thanks Funto :)

    The Giveaway results will be out on Tuesday morning :)

    Miss T said...

    What a great give-away.
    Was actually gonna get this; this week, but thought; hey why not try your luck lol.

    Following your blog and your twitter as Tayo_xx

    (fingers crossed) :D