Wednesday, 17 October 2012

How To Resist The Temptation of Unhealthy Food (#3)

Hi! Hope you're well and are having a great week so far.

I started a mini video series a few weeks ago inspired by some blog posts here. I'll be sharing tips that show that healthy eating is achievable no matter how many temptations are out there... Lol, yes I'm still talking about food ;)

Here's the third installment in this series.

From the beginning...

Video #1

Video #2

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Madame Sting said...

I actually do very well for d most part, but there r days.....I try to avoid rice and meat.

Adura said...

Of course we all have those days :)

Why do you avoid meat? Eg beef, goat meat, etc?

Kingsley said...

Thanks for this great Videos its a MUST watch for all those who love eating anythingy they see.

Vickii said...

I love this series! And finally I can watch one of your videos and instead of thinking "that's what I should do", I can say "yay! I do that!". I cook on Sundays for the week ahead too! It's mostly lunch that I need to take care of as dinners are something simple but I find if I don't take lunch to work then chances are I'll go out and get something unhealthy because there aren't really that many healthy options!

Plus it's nice not having to think about what to eat because you know you've got something yummy just waiting to be heated up :)