Friday, 25 May 2012

A Requested Natural Hair Video... *6 Must-Haves*

I hope someone finds this useful:

Please let me know any blog/video requests you have :)

 Happy Friday :)

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Vickii said...

This is very useful thank you! The first time I was natural I didn't have a clue about this stuff! I'm just getting my head round 'sealing' lol :)
Question: In what order would you use the leave-in conditioner and moisturiser? Together? The leave-in conditioner after you wash and the moisturiser on the days after until your next wash?

Adura said...

Yay glad it's useful :)

Yes Leave In right after you wash and moisturiser everyday :)

On wash day, you can use leave in conditioner, detangle and then moisturise :)

Amina said...

Very helpful, still can't get over how good your skin is :)

ashani said...

very helpful indeed!Thanks so much although it's been a challenging journeySo far.question:how do you straighten ur natural hair using ur dryer? Whats the procedure doing that and what products to use in what order? Thanks

Adura said...

Thanks Amina :)

@Ashani Hi!
I either blow dry using the 'tension method' or just using the comb attachment on medium heat.
I plan to record a video on this before I put in my braids (within the next week and a half).