Thursday, 31 May 2012

Get Trimmer 2012 (Final Week)


I had a very busy couple of weeks but I'm settled again :)

How's everyone doing? How was the month of May for you? Yes, I know there was lack of support from my end and I can't apologise enough!

My month went very well - I didn't have any chocolate, ice-cream or chocolate covered brazil nuts. Unfortunately, my Aunt came over from Nigeria with my favourite Plantain Chips, I just HAD to have some! I was good until last week so I tried ;)

Please let me know if you have any questions or any good news to share :) I still have a prize to hand out!

Someone emailed me asking for some links to help with fat loss with exercise & nutrition, I replied with these links (Thanks to Fitter London!!):
The thing about the above links is: most of us have heard them before (especially the nutrition ones) but always find excuses NOT to make changes. When you're ready, you just know it!

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PS Look out for my next challenge... it's a personal one but the more, the merrier. Details will be up soon.

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