Monday, 7 May 2012

Get Trimmer (2012): WEEK TWO

Monday again! Hope you're all doing well :) My week (and weekend) flew by.

I cooked a big pot of Efo with Fish for the week. I hope to have time to cook Chicken Curry and I'll probably have omelettes (normal or scrambled) most evenings. When an omelette goes wrong and breaks apart, I just try to salvage it and call it a scrambled omelette ;) Looks something like this:

Scrambled Omelette: Might not look great but still tastes yummy!
'In the Midst Of Her' sent me a few pictures of her meals earlier this year. They are in line with the main focus this week and I also think they are great for inspiration on meal ideas: 

Beans, beef, spinach and 'ata'

Ila-asepo (okra) with chopped baked chicken

1/2 cup rice with mixed veggies, baked chicken, spinach and stew

Spinach Wrap: 3 slices of turkey, carrots, lettuce, etc

This week the emphasis will be on bulking up your meals with vegetables! Vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants and they also contain carbohydrates (much less than our usual heavy carbohydrates).
  • It's easy to fall back on frozen vegetables but whenever you can, eat fresh greens eg spinach, lettuce, kale, etc.
  • Frozen vegetables don't have to be the usual Mixed Vegetables (corn, carrots, peas), try frozen broccoli or frozen cauliflower.
  • Mushrooms are great in stir fries
  • Like ITMOH did above, bulk up your usual carbs with vegetables: beans, rice, pasta, potatoes, yam, etc
This week's workout video will be posted tomorrow :)
Remember to: Post any updates or questions anytime!

Photo Credit: In The Midst of Her


In the midst of her said...

Thanks for putting my pics up and your comments. I've lost 22lbs and 1 dress size away from my goal. No starving and no yo-yo dieting! Just the firm decision to eat right and exercise! Thanks for all your help Adura!!!!

Adura said...

You're welcome, thanks for sharing :)

WOW!!!! Well done! 22lbs is AMAZING :)

Keep it up!