Monday, 1 November 2010

Get Trimmer... Naija Style (Week Four)

How are you all doing? Didn't get much feedback from you ladies last week.  I was so busy last week - I didn't have the post up till mid week. So let's interact more this week.... deal? :)

I'm very proud to say, I wasn't as lazy as usual last week - I walked from the station home instead of taking the bus and I walked as much as I could instead of taking the bus in other situations :) Are you being a little less lazy?

This week we'll address home workouts, more snack ideas and a few recipes.

Recipes/Meal Ideas

Last week I cooked chicken with steamed baby carrots (explains what looks like an excessive amount of carrots as I just steamed the carrots in the chicken stock and added to the chicken in the tupperware), turkey chunks cooked with broccoli...

Nothing too long winded with these - Both the carrots and broccoli were steamed in the chicken and turkey stock respectively.

Speaking of carrots, Suzanne of Eight and Weights, recommended peeled carrots as a snack option - I love carrots :) Try them!

This week, I cooked three different things on Sunday night. Efo (with goat meat), Chicken with peas and Minced meat with carrots and broccoli. Yes there is a mix of Nigerian staple food and just... food :)

Ingredients: Spinach, goat meat, tomatoes (I used tinned chopped tomatoes but ideally you should use fresh tomatoes), peppers, onions

1. Chop one onion. Clean the goat meat, add to a pot with the onions, a couple of maggi cubes, curry, thyme (or whatever seasonings you like) and a cup of water
2. While the meat's cooking, rinse and seperate the spinach leaves from the stalks. Chop the leaves, make sure not too fine or too chunky. Blend the tomatoes, peppers and onions.
3. After 20/25 minutes, (the meat will be a little more than half cooked)
This is where it's different to how you'd normally cook Efo.
4. Add the blended tomatoes/peppers to the meat (you should have very little stock, if it's a lot, drain some out) and leave to cook for at least 10 minutes.
5. Add the spinach and leave to simmer for another 5-10 minutes.

It tastes just as good :) If you have melon seeds (egusi), definitely include - I would have but I didn't have any at home.

Home Workout Ideas

I know, I know... I promised videos but as always, I have a valid excuse ;) I've been so busy (which I'm pleased about) that the only thing I did at home last week & weekend was sleep, relax and watch some TV. This is still on my to-do list - PROMISE!

Ayo asked me if jogging on the spot would be enough to replace running outside or on a treadmill, the answer's no (sorry, lol)

Here's an idea of a home workout:

To make your workout fun, play some up tempo music - works for me all the time.

  • Warm Up for at least 5 minutes - 1 minute of jogging on the spot, 1 minute of jumping jacks, 1 minute of jogging on the spot (picking up your pace), 30 seconds of squats, 30 seconds of lunges (alternating legs each time) and another minute of jumping jacks. When you're done, swing your arms, do some shoulder rolls back and forth and shake your legs and arms.
    If you own free weights e.g. dumbells, that's good. If not, you can replace with something heavy at home e.g. 2L *plastic* bottles of water
  • Perform 1 minute of bicep curls (keep your elbows stuck to your sides the whole time, starting with your arms straight, bend your elbows completely and return to your starting position - arms straight, that's one repitition. Do this continuously for 1 minute)
  • Next minute (to give your arms a break), let them hang straight by your sides with your weights still in your hands. Perform one minute of squats (your shoulders should not be slumped forward, keep them back... best way to do this is to almost stick your chest out but not too exagerrated. Always look straight ahead. Starting from standing position, push your bum back a little and mimick how you'd sit back on a chair, when you get to a point where you can't go any lower, slowly come back to standing position and contract (squeeze) your glutes (bum) as you get to standing position. Continue for a minute.
  • 1 minute of shoulder presses (See picture below for starting position. Straighten out your arms, your arms will be overhead. Slowly bring back to the start.). Continue for a minute.
  •  1 minute of lunges. (I'll get a picture to illustrate soon).
  • 1 minute of side (lateral) raises. (Start with arms by your sides, and slowly raise them till there's a 90 degree angle between your arm and your body. Think of the crucifix stance. Return your arms to your side.
  • 1 minute of tempo squats (drop your weights and squat as fast as you can)
Repeat the above. Total of 12 minutes.

Grab a chair (dining table one is perfect) for this next bit
  • 1 minute of tricep dips
  • 1 minute of step ups (hopefully your chair's not too high), if it is use a staircase - use 2 steps. Step up and stap back down, leading with your right foot for 30 seconds and switching to the left foot for the next 30s
  • 1 minute of step ups with your hands (starting on the floor in pressup/plank position in front of the stairs. Walk up one step with your hands *only* and walk back down.)
  • Another minute of step ups
Repeat the above. Total of 8 minutes.

I haven't included any ab exercises as I'd prefer to include videos for those... sorry :)
  • Stretch (yes I owe you vids)
I'll update this later in the week... promise!

Keep the updates coming ladies...


OK said...

ur tips are so helpful. thanks.

Vickii said...

Yay! A recipe! I'll definitely try your efo - it looks great! Isn't goat meat fatty though? I haven't weighed myself - I keep forgetting so I haven't got an update sorry! I am sticking to healthy Monday to Fridays though! (Well apart from last friday when I went for a three course dinner on Friday night) :)

Ms zee said...

Good God, its has been crazy but I am down 83.6kg please you have my permission to share my youtube video or link on the page as my weekly weigh in cos I may not have time to respond to comments, in the middle of a major research paper that has taken a turn for I dont even know what to call it but defo keeping up with the exercises :) and thank you for the tips, I think my #1 enemy is the food - I reduced my breakkie, had a healthy snack between means and discovered that celery is not soo bad , a few slices of old canadian cheese is very good for my tummy, 10 grapes may not be satisfying but half a litre of water after makes me full - chewing gum is my friend :) keeps my mouth from getting dry and helps me drink more water :) so yippeeeee

ade said...

lovin the efo recipe.i'm a convert!

Yemisi said...

oooohhhh i am so excited!!! i weighed and measured myself finally today and i am so happy!!! my new dimensions are:
bust - 46 (lost 2inches)
waist - 43 (lost 4inches)
hips - 52 (stayed the same)
thigh - 29.5 (lost 2.5inches)

and....wait for it...i have lost 12 pounds!!!! i actually started exercising a few weeks before this challenge began so i had a bit of a head start, but i am just so encouraged and wanted to share so as to encourage y'all as well. as lazy as i am, if i can do it, albeit slowly steadily, so can anyone!!!

Adura said...

@vickii Sorry, meant to mention - Trim the visible fat from goat meat. Thanks!

Ms Zee and Yemisi - WOOHOO!!!!! Well done :) :)

OK and Ade - Glad to help :)

Ms zee said...

Hello everyone i hope you are good, mid week check in's :) stick to this, I know it is hard but stick to it :) I cant wait to fit into my size 12 dress by dec 31st :) I am currently a US 14

Adura please can you post the remaining learn to run schedules - I dont remember how is went but I think we did the run 1 walk 1 and run 2 walk 4 for 2 or 3 weeks then slowly graduated to higher run times. Please post them if you remember thanks

I dont know how to cook efo :( it just doesnt come out right. I give myself a C for effort i think it needs maggi but i have cut back on maggi and salt sigh.

Also what tips do you have for women who eat a whole lot more during their period (I tend to over do it even with the healthy fruit and veggie juices) so any tios please what classes of foods should one eat more or less thanks

Adura said...

@MsZee - I will :)

I've cut back on salt but still use Maggi... it's something I intend to phase out in the very far future, lol.

You can "overdo" it with protein because it's very filling. Chicken, meat, etc. Also veggies... little harm in veggie juices as long as you're making them yourself (I think you do, right?). Try to avoid having more than 3 pieces of fruit in a day.

Keep Up The Good Work Ladies :)

The other ladies... where are ya? Please comment... come back :)

Toyin said...

Adura, what do you eat your efo times I put lotsa meat and eat it alone...what do you do? Also where's the line between a lot of mean and just plain overdoing it?
Thanks mi amiga...