Monday, 25 October 2010

Get Trimmer... Naija Style (Week Three)

How're you doing Ladies?

Really loving the tips you're sharing with each other. I still get emails from silent participants and people who are inspired by you.

Ok, two weeks have gone by... any changes? Weight or Measurements? Please share with everyone by leaving comments :)

I recognise that your levels of fitness vary, some of you have been exercising for a while and have hit a plateau. While some have exercised in the past, then gained weight. And others have not really taken up an exercise regimen... ever.

If you are a complete beginner, the 1st steps you should take are -
  • walking up the stairs instead of using lifts/escalators, 
  • taking breaks from your desk once every hour (and use the stairs ;) ), 
  • getting off the bus a couple of stops before your actual stop and walking home. I'll admit - sometimes I take the bus only 2 stop from the station (and I'm so ashamed of this but I do it, shame on me!). There's no excuse for such behaviour except injury or illness. From today, I will not have lazy days (I've said it out loud so I'm not going back on my word). E.g. I'm teaching my 2nd spin class of the day, I'm going to walk 300 yards from my house to the bus stop before getting the bus. Instead of taking a bus to get the other bus to my destination (I told you, I can be lazy!).
**Let's Get Active Together**

MsZee asked for more healthy snack options, it's funny cos I was just speaking to a friend of mine who went on a very interesting (and expensive!) nutrition course. She said everyone should try to eat more greens e.g. spinach (which we have in abundance in Nigeria), broccoli (I like it but it can be yucky sometimes).

Try to make a very healthy version of efo/egusi (incl. fish, meat, etc) - I do (haven't in a long while) and I love it! This a perfect 'snack' option, a snack doesn't have to be cold or a bar or fruit or nuts. As long as you snack on something of good nutritional value, you're on the right path.
I'll make a deal with you - I'll make it tomorrow or Friday. I still owe you recipes and pictures of meals :)

Keep Up The Good Work :)

PS Huge welcome to the new challenge members :) Funto (sorry I'm taking forever to get back to you) and talk2luvangel.


Ayo said...

Yipee! I have been stalking this blog for your update:)

I must confess these few days have not gone so well. I have gone on a biscuit binge to fill up the 'snack slot' o well now that I have finally weighed myself and have only lost 1 kilo:( I will ensure my daily 5 includes spinach and broccoli(yuck).

Adura what other forms of exercise would you recommend in place of running(its getting cold) and using the treadmill(knee issues). Would jogging on the spot suffice?

Joined an online community awhile ago and I get some really good exercise suggestions. Since we are all working on staying active together thought I should share

Suzanne Brume said...

Cheering you guys on!
For healthy snack options, try carrots! When they're fresh and peeled, they're so good, and they contain very few calories too :)
My policy is the brighter the vegetable, the better it is for you.

Adura said...

@Ayo I'll address your questions in the next post (working on it right now!)

@Suzanne I haven't had carrots as a snack in a long time (thanks for the reminder).