Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Get Trimmer... Naija Style (Week Seven)

Hi Ladies,

How are you doing? It's just over FOUR weeks to Christmas - this year went by super fast!

Set yourselves a target.... a realistic one for christmas parties. Work hard these next few weeks so you can relax and indulge on Christmas day.

My friend Keris of Fitter London says she will indulge on Christmas and Boxing Day and get back to healthy eating right after. I love that and I think I will be doing the same thing :)

What are your eating plans for the festive period? Do you plan to have a week off? Or a few days off? You need to think about all the hard work you've put in, you don't want to cancel most of it out in a week.

Please keep sharing your progress and experience here... people are inspired by your progress, including me :)

I understand you're busy... I'm part of a challenge on another blog and I forget to update regularly. Life gets in the way... I've promised to check in at least once a week.

So.., Ladies, please please check in once a week. Just to let us all know you're ok :)

We have a new addition to the group:

Bust - 44"
Hips - 45"
Thighs - 26"
Arms - 14"
Waist - 39"
Weight - 209lbs
Height - 5ft 7"
Welcome!!! :)

THIS WEEK: We're going to take a close look at food diaries for a whole day this week... so please enter your food diary for any day this week in the comment section and I will reply (within a day, I promise) with my feedback and suggestions (if needed). Log every single thing you ingest, even if it's a couple of sips of Coke.

I will update this post later... promise :)


Toyin said...

Hey Adura...
I am going to post what I ate yesterday and today because I want it to be true no "toushing" what I eat because I know I am going to post it...lol

I am a calorie counter that eats 1750 minimum- 1950max daily. This lets me lose 1lb a week with abs no exercise.... but since I do exercise, i can lose about 1-1.5 a week.

Slim fast shake- 190 calories
(I tend to drink this almost every single morning; except weekends. it is tasty, fast and something i can throw into my bag)

Lunch: 2.5 cups for fresh lettuce no dressing, 1 breast of baked bbq chicken with wing; no sauce and mushroom shrimp pasta-611 calories

(Every afternoon, I eat a huge bowl of lettuce with carrots with some source of protein...either meat or chicken; NEVER any dressing here I added pasta because I was feelin' greedy... I hardly eat pasta and if I do it is only wheat.)

I try to workout everyday except sunday... today i worked out for 35-45 mins totaling a calorie loss of 463 ( makes up for the pasta I ate..lol)

Fist size of eba with okro and a lot of meat.

Slimfast shake- 190 calories

2.5 cups of romaine lettuce, no dressing-23 cals
2 tablespoons of bacon bits-50 cals
1 slice of plain cheese pizza-250cals
Total 323 cals

Snack-1 cup of sweet potato baked fries-364

Dinner-1 cup of rice-320 cals
.5 plantain fried-180 cals
.5 cup red soup-80
a whole lotta meat..- dont care about the cals here...lol

without calculating the meat, I consumed 1,457 cals which leaves me 493 less than my mark...good enough for me cuz I did not get a chance to workout today...

Analyze away my dear...
Thanks Adura..

OK said...

i follow this blog regularly.Got a busy schedule, but i still try to take walks as often as possible. i watch what i eat very strictly.(BF: cereal or Oatmeal 40g,L:rice&beans, or beans, or spag with vegetables, dinner: kefir n fruits. Snack with nuts (cashew or almonds),and lots of fruits depending on the season). Indulging to a some moderate extent,weekends.(with maybe a piece of cake, some alcohol, or some cookies). i go on Daniel's diet regularly. never exceeding 3 days though.
Am 5'7. weigh 80kg. Now that is the problem, i have been weighing 80kg for the past 3 years. I look slimmer now though (as i receive loads of compliments).And i have dropped on my jeans size. But the scale still reads 80kg. How do i go about changing that? Or am i doing something wrong?

Ayo said...

The past few weeks hasn't gone too well. Finally back on track this week. Need to work on eating my breakfast like before. Finally got a personal trainer so hopefully I have the extra push I need. Goal before xmas is to lose 5kg. Wish me luck :)

Ms zee said...

I have been MIA on the tube as well :( arrrgghhh the life of a student/ worker oh well ok so yesterday

Breakfast - 1/2 cup oats no sugar no milk and 1/2 cup berries (blue and black)

Snack - Green juice (spinich, banana , carrot and ginger - home made by me), 1/2 cup of rabbit food (mix of peanuts, pumpkin seeds, dried fruit)

Lunch - 2 chicken breast grilled and 1.2 cup brown rice+ 2 cups efo (no salt , no maggi )

Snack - sandwich with nutella (whole grain bread 2 slices and 1 tabspoon nutella spread)

Dinner - Boiled plaintain (1) no salt and efo

I could not resist the decadent chocolate moouse after unfortunately it cost me 516 calories but I have burned it off today I hope :)

Weigh in on youtube will be back tomorrow yipeeee . I hope everyone is doing well. Hang in there :)

Tomi said...

Hiya guys, sorry i have been MIA. I have been working hard oo! serious grind before Christmas binge begins. The low calorie diet has been good, also stopped eating after 7pm which i think has made a world of difference on my tummy.

I have managed to loose just over 2kg and drop off a few inches here and there. However i am still on the grind till the 8th of Dec when i will throw all caution (well maybe not all) to the wind.

2kg more to go and i am good for now. I shall resume after my moon:)

1511th said...

Hello Ladies, sorry been so swamped so hardly any time to blog. I have been good with my food but slacked on exercises and I have not weighed myself again.

OOps I do not have a food diary