Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Hi Ladies,

Please email me: adura.odesanya @ if you would like to take part in a challenge inspired by my previous post (WW Naija Style) and the feedback I've gotten so far.

If I get enough responses, I believe this challenge will be a very good resource for everyone interested.

Look forward to your responses.

UPDATE: There are Fifteen participants - that's great! All info and details about this challenge will be posted on Monday evening.
  • Amina
  • Ayo
  • Damie
  • Doyin
  • Emem
  • Ibitoru
  • MakeItDeep
  • Ms Zee
  • Ngozi
  • Omolara
  • Preye
  • Tomi A (Twitter)*
  • Vickii
  • Yemisi
  • Yvonne
*There's another Tomi A who I've exchanged a couple of emails with and I'm not 100% sure if she's in the challenge yet. Is she is we'll have Tomi A and Twitter Tomi ;-)
    This Challenge has very few, but important, requirements:
    1. Follow the tips provided in the initial challenge post (it'll be up on Monday evening)
    2. Assess exactly where you are at the beginning of the challenge e.g.
      - how a pair of jeans (or another item of clothing) fit,
      - your measurements incl. waist, hips, thighs, etc
      - weight.
      Before pictures would be amazing but I understand if you're not comfortable with those.
    3. Check in at least once a week with how you're doing, challenges you're facing and how you overcome them. The more often you check in - the more encouraging it will be for you and others who are silently participating
    4. Share your progress, there will be an official check in day every 2 weeks.
    I'm thinking of a different name for the challenge, I'm sure I'll come up with one by Monday evening.


      Ms zee said...

      I am interested in the challenge and I sent you an email and it is the same Ms Zee :)

      Ms zee said...

      Fit into that piece of clothing or die challenge :) I cant wait my birthday is in a few days and I have something I would like to almost fit into :) - Yipeee pls hurry I am dying o i need to start this ASAP