Friday, 30 August 2013

Fat-Burning & Fab Music Tomorrow Morning @ 9am!

Today's class was fun as always, watch an #instavideo of it:

I asked a few members for some feedback/reviews of my classes to share with those of you who are thinking of coming to one of my classes, and still haven't!

Here's Ceri's in full:
"I used to hate spin before I started attending Adura's classes - monotonous thumping dance music, accompanied by the uninspiring drones of a bored instructor. Adura's classes couldn't be more different. A lively, fun team spirit atmosphere is encouraged by Adura's fantastic instructing - she takes special care to choose music we all love - and no class is ever the same. Brilliant." 

Before you think this class is 100% on the spin bike, think again! Yes there will be sprints, hill climbs, and other spin drills but there will also be bodyweight and core challenges.
Fun, right? :p

Don't tell me you need anymore convincing! Sign up for tomorrow's classes now, send me an email --> info'AT' (replace the 'AT' with @, this is to reduce the spam emails I get).

Time: Saturdays @ 9am
Location: Fitness First Oxford Circus
Fee: £10 per class or £40 for 5 classes.

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