Monday, 19 August 2013

Last Week On Instagram

Hello & Happy Monday! 

I hope you had a relaxing weekend, I wish I could say I did but everything I did was worth the time spent :) 

Apart from last week's recipe post - Lettuce Wraps (Minced Turkey,Tomatoes and Peppers, I didn't update this blog last week. For that, I really apologise! To make up for it, I will post at least twice this week, and today's post is one of them.

I'm very active on Instagram and posting a 'Week On Instagram' summary is a way to share tips, info or just random pictures with you my blog readers who aren't on IG :)

I started last week feeling unwell, I'd been fighting some kind of bug all weekend and my body lost the battle on Sunday. Monday morning, I woke up feeling fatigued and weak, the thought of doing any work made me want to curl up in bed and sleep... and I did just that. Not before, I posted this picture on Instagram:

On Tuesday, after spending an entire day in bed, I had a lie in and got out of bed at 10am. I felt better but nowhere near 100%. One of the things that was nursing me back to good health was green tea with with lemon and ginger. 
FYI: Ginger helps relieve congestion, lemon is high in vitamin c and is great for fighting colds and green tea is rich in antioxidants and also has antiviral and antibacterial properties.

On Wednesday, I decided the best way (to a wider audience) to answer a Get Trimmer Challenge participant's question was by posting this picture to show a couple of ways I eat sweet potatoes while sticking to my two MUSTS - yumminess and healthiness.

Still on Wednesday, I shared a tip I learned from my big Sis. I still wasn't 100% yet but I was getting there :) I made a green smoothie, straight from the freezer (I had bulk prepped and froze 5-6 smoothies' ingredients - spinach, cucumber, avocado and bananas. Serious timesaver, it took 5 minutes from my freezer to cup!) and added lemon and chia seeds before blending. To also help with my cold/cough, I grated some fresh ginger and mixed it after I'd blended the smoothie. That explains the lumpy bits in the picture:

Two posts on Thursday, I was on a roll! First one was to promote my new Spin class. Londoners, I expect to see you in this class soon! Oxford Street is so quiet at this time - start your weekend right by working out at 9am and avoid the crazy Saturday crowds by shopping early ;) It's a Win-Win situation, isn't it?!

I was itching for a new *daily* challenge and May's challenge inspired me (Who's joining me here? You know you want to!):
Friday started great, as always thanks to the members in my 7am class, I posted this video of the awesome, hardworking members:

I was also clever and added 2 minutes of plank to the class, so I could do my 1st day of plank. Go me! Ha! 

Saturday was great - I woke up feeling like myself and ready to workout! I had a good crowd at my 9am Oxford Circus class (be there next week!) and I also taught the Fitter London strength class and hour later. Again, I included planks in my class so I could it with them ;)

Sunday started with a Yoga session and a (brownish) green smoothie, again from my frozen stash. This time I added berries to the mix, hence the colour. Trust me it was yummy! I also did 2 minutes of plank before my Yoga session but I didn't post a picture on Instagram, I had another busy day.

And that brings an end to last week, did you like this post? Tell me!


Real College Student of Atlanta said...

I did like this! I love planks!

Adura O. said...

I'm glad you liked it :) I love planks too, join me on my challenge :)