Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Some Fast Food Chains Offer Healthy (Enough) Options

I've been on holiday in the USA for a week and I'm enjoying the sunshine and time off work :)

Last week, I had the craziest idea - I asked my sister to drop me off at Target (I love to shop there for stationery, toiletries and the most random things). The distance from Target back home was 7 miles, and I told my sister I was going to walk back. How hard could it be? I'm a healthy and fitness professional, etc etc. Haha!

2 hours later, I was done at Target, and started my walk - the first road I crossed had malfunctioning lights, I felt like I was back in Lagos - I ran across when there were no cars. About 5 minutes in, I spoke to a friend who told me I was mad to be crossing American sized roads, and I should go back to Target and call a cab. Was I glad to hear that?!?! I sprinted across that road and headed back.

It was 12.30pm and I hadn't had a real breakfast or lunch! I don't do well on an empty stomach, seriously! My choices were limited but I made my way to Chick-Fil-A and expected to have chicken nuggets as the "healthiest" option. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find a small selection of summer salads (3 to be exact, Cobb, Asian and Grilled Market Salads). I had the 'Grilled Market Salad' with the dressing on the side (I didn't use it). Why? Because it was the only salad that had chicken which wasn't 'breaded'.

I had to pick out the blue cheese because I'm not a fan of cheese. It was really good, and kept me going - I went back to Target and found some more bargains. Then I finally called a cab and went home.

The point of this is: Although it can be hard sometimes, you can find healthy (but sometimes limited) options in unexpected places. If I hadn't found anything at Chick-Fil-A, I'd have looked for some fruit in Starbucks or a healthy bar or a pack of nuts from Target.


I really have to do a post on my experience on my last flight. I still CANNOT believe breakfast was pizza, or something like that, and ice cream. No fruit! I didn't have anything, and I had run out of my packed-at-home plane snacks. By the time I got home, I was ravenous!


Real College Student of Atlanta said...

thank you for sharing!! i was just wondering about healthy fast food options the other day! love your blog, now following :)

Ceri said...

I didn't eat on my recent flight to USA either - in either direction. The cabin crew thought I was mad. Looking forward to reading your post on the matter. Hope you're having a fantastic time!