Monday, 23 April 2012

There Is No Easy and Quick Fix For Weight Loss!

Warning: This is a rant!

I was in the States last week and had to hold back from SCREAMING at all the weight loss infomercials on TV.

The one that stood out to me was some "weight loss belt".. I could have believed it a tiny bit as I was hoping it came with a workout/diet plan. BUT they went ahead and said users don't have to make any changes to their diet or exercise routine.

That is wrong in so many ways! These people are not only lying to some vulnerable people who will do anything to lose weight, they are also encouraging people to continue living a lifestyle which is most likely detrimental to their health!

Their message is very simple: Wanna look good? Just keep eating trans fats, excess sugar and everything bad for you, forget about exercise because you definitely don't need it. Just wear this belt and watch the pounds fall off.


They claimed they used no paid actors or paid models for the testimonials. These people lost tens of pounds just by wearing this belt? LIARS. I don't even care about the stupid science behind it, they all need to be slapped, physically and with a lawsuit. In my opinion, they used non-paid actors, there's no other explanation for their lies!

Ok. Rant OVER!

Please, please no matter how many pounds you have to lose, 10? 40? 100+? Do not fall into the trap of easy and quick way to lose weight. No matter the frills or fake before and after pictures, remember that getting into shape takes dedication and it's not only about looking good (I know this is very important!) but also about being healthy, prolonging your life expectancy and feeling good :)

Don't forget to sign up for the 'Get Trimmer' challenge HERE or on YouTube <-- The right way to get in shape, of course ;)

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lovestweets said...

lol!!! Thank you! Someone should arrest that company for fraud.