Friday, 27 April 2012

Get Trimmer (2012): Official Sign Up POST

This 2012 challenge is over.

Sign up for the next one, which starts on April 22nd, HERE:

I know a few of you (listed below) commented on the YouTube video and under THIS post. I'll also add names as they're added to this post.

Deadline for sign up is 11pm (UK time) on Monday 30th April.
  1. Okeoghene 
  2. Lam Lam 
  3. Daddy's Girl 
  4. Iwalewa 
  5. Beautiful 
  6. Anon4Now 
  7. Gbemification 
  8. TheMsbeemo 
  9. Suliat
  10. Mayonne
  11. B
  12. BeeA
  13. BeePink
  14. Ceri
  15. FitDama
  16. NN
  17. Zioner
  18. And a couple of Anonymouses (please post a name)
Please comment under this post with your info:

- Weight AND/OR measurements (waist, hips, bust)
- Goal (realistic please, 15-20lbs is the highest you should aim for in 4-5 weeks. So that losing any more would be a pleasant surprise.
- And your entire food diary for a day.

Thank you!

As promised, I'll be posting workout videos during, and after, this challenge.


B said...

Im in :-)
Start weight 216lb
goal 200lbs
Bust 42
Wasit 36
Hips 47
Arms 13
Thighs 23

Anonymous said...


Currently 62kg, goal is 58kg.

Bee+Bee said...

Hi I'm in
Name BeePink
Waist 34.5"
Hips 46"
Bust 38"
Start weight 188
Goal weight 173 lbs

Beautiful said...

weight - 205lbs
goal - 190 lbs for starters but main goal - 132lbs
bust - 40
waist - 35
hips - 45
height - 5ft 7 inches

I'm on vacation so I believe my eating habits will be haywire this week sha
Breakfast 1 - 4:00am - Seedless grapes
Breakfast 2 - 12:00 noon - glazed doughnut (lol, found it in my bag from last night's airport run)
Lunch - 14:03 - Special fried rice with chilli sauce + water + juice
Dinner - 19:30 - nandos chips and chicken + coke
Snack - 12:00am - chocolate

Daddy's Girl said...

Current weight is 90kg, my goal weight for this challenge is 85kg.

NN said...

Slightly delayed entry but hope it's not too late..

Current weight: 185lbs
Goal weight for the challenge: 175lbs

Food diary for today

9.10am EAT super porridge with banana and berry compote
1.25pm Ham and mushroom omelette and salad
3.15 Boots Shapers yoghurt with blackberry and blueberry
4.30 Apple and grapes
9.30pm Slice of bread

Lam Lam said...

Current weight - 70kg
Goal for challenge - 63kg
Waist - 35"
Hips - 40"
Bust - 38"

Food dairy for today

Breakfast 10.00am - 2 brioche rolls and a hotdog
Lunch 13.00 - Salad and 1/4 Nandos Chicken
Dinner 20.00 - Pasta and turkey mince sauce

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I'm a bit late, please don't shoo me away :). I'm in.

Current Weight: 160 LBS
Target Weight: 150 LBS (*gulp* Yes, I can!)
Height: 5'10

Food Diary for Today:
Breakfast: English muffin, eggs, sausage and a berry smoothie

Late morning snack: Small can of non-fat Greek yogurt with almond slices and pecan pieces

Lunch: Huge serving of white rice and Teriyaki beef (being very honest :'( ). Cup of Oolong tea

4:00pm: Cup of natural flavoured tea

Dinner: Water (Just because I'm still so full from the huge lunch. So help me God!)

Thanks Adura for adding me to the challenge, though I'm late. xx

Amina (@anon4now) said...

sorry, been having exams, will be done this week and I will start posting, starting weight is 90.5kg

Adura said...

Thanks for posting your food diaries, I'm going to update Week One's post with my feedback.

Okeoghene said...

Start weight: 185lbs
Goal weight: 175lbs
Height: 5'5"
Bust 40
Hips: 46

My goals during this challenge apart from hitting my goal weight are:

Reduce my portions and eat small meals instead
Stop eating off my children's plate and finishing off their food, then still going on to have mine
No ice-cream
No fried plantain
Exercise 3 times a week at least

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm the anonymous that posted on "1 May 2012 21:31". My name is Zioner, please use that to avoid confusion. Thanks Adura!