Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Internal Cleansing with Fullers Earth Powder

I talk about Fullers Earth at least once a week, friends and family have tried it out because of how amazing I say it is.

There are many known uses for it but I'd only used it as a skin and hair cleanser. It's no surprise I decided to take things one step further and drink it ;) Watch the video below:

In addition to the video:
  • A little more on the 'result' - Just think compact and err very firm ;)
  • Although I use it once a week, some websites have suggested drinking it every morning. In a couple of weeks, I'll increase it to 2ce a week
  • This makes me feel great especially after a weekend of indulging (I ate 2-3 chocolate chip cookies last weekend <-- I'm living on the edge aren't I? Ha!). Now that I eat healthy 80% of the time, indulging in sweet things irritates my tummy and causes bloating, etc. So this light cleanse works for me.
If you have any questions, ask away :)

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manga mboa said...

I live in london where can i find it and what it is ? I try to loose weight so i need any natural help;

Anonymous said...

Hi Adura, I just want to say you're doing a great job and I love your blog. I hope to go natural soon, at the moment, i'm pregnant and i'm not sure how my body will react but i'm making small changes though. Please write a post for pregnant women. Thanks. Ibukun

Anonymous said...

Hi Adura,

Where can we get the powder in Lagos?


Adura said...

Hi Ibukun :) Thank you so much! I've been asked about posts for pregnant women by other people too so I will get on that asap :)

I'll let you know where to get the powder soon. Please send me an email to remind me. I think it can be found in some parts on Nigeria (not sure about Lagos yet).

But I might be able to get a pack to you soon, to start off.

Congrats on your pregnancy :)

Adura said...

@manga You can find it online (on amazon) :)

Anonymous said...

The fuller powder I have seen and used for my hair and skin is Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay is that the same thing? do you know any site I can purchase from the US.

Aimée LeVally said...

You can find Fullers Earth and other cleansing clays at