Friday, 23 March 2012

Food. Butters. Oils

Happy Friday :)

I finally bought a tripod for my camera so I will start recording RECIPE videos this Sunday :) Speaking of videos, please check out my channels and *subscribe* (see I how I slid that in ;) )

On to other things, I've been a little busy... making some products.

It's still at the early stages but I plan to officially sell products. Starting with:
  1. Whipped Body Butter (with some great ingredients!)
  2. Face Oil
  3. Hair Oil
  4. Fullers Earth Powder (of course!)
Whipped Body Butter
I'd like to say a huge thank you to my friends who encouraged me to finally do this as "it's good that my obsession with haircare and skincare" is being put to good use (Vickii!) and also to those who've already ordered products and given me feedback (thanks for being my guinea pigs).

Have a nice weekend :)


Anonymous said...

I hope to buy some products myself. Good stuff and all the best! Reminder - I asked where I can get the fuller's powder in Lagos.


Adura said...

Thank you! I'll be sending a batch of everything within the next couple of weeks :) I'll keep you updated :)

Adura said...

And I haven't forgotten your post request... I'm working on it :)