Thursday, 25 August 2011

Natural Hair and Shrinkage

Twists (after shrinking) earlier this year
December '10 - Straightened 
I'll admit that the main thing I found hard to accept after I went natural was the shrinkage factor. As the above pictures illustrate, my hair in its natural state looks much shorter than it actually is. I've finally accepted this and I'm sure it has a lot to do with the health of my hair. It might not look long but my hair's in a 'good place'.

I love my natural hair and I totally ignore some people's "advice" to relax my hair because it'd be "very long and pretty" <--- whatever. Sorry to sound mean but I'm always extremely close to telling them to sort out their hair before advising me ;) Actually, I'm not sorry :) I don't force going natural on people so I won't tolerate people forcing relaxed hair on me... #rantover

I twisted my hair on Sunday night and it looked long enough but it's already shrinking... once I wash it on Friday, it's going to look half the length but like I said, I've accepted it... just.

Sunday's Twists

Shrinking on Wednesday
I'm glad that this is my main problem with my hair and not a long list of things. I'll admit that having natural hair can be time consuming which is why sometimes I twist my hair up so I can get a break from it but I won't have it any other way.

I will put up a post on my shea butter mix - natural ingredients - next week.


9jaFOODie said...

Beautiful...I love your hair! What is your regimen like?

Daddy's Girl said...

Your hair looks great! I need to learn how to twist my own hair... I would wear twists a lot more often if I could. Will give it a whirl this weekend and keep practising.

Adura said...

Thank you so much :)

My regimen is very simple (thankfully):
- I deep condition once a week (Sundays)
- I moisturise (usually with a home-made spritz) and seal with my shea butter mix everyday
- When in twists, I cowash (conditioner wash) 1ce-2ce a week.
- When hair's loose, I usually wear it in a ponytail or bun. I put it in 3-4 large box braids every night to keep it stretched out for the next day.

Adura said...

@DG Thank you :) Once you get it (twisting), it's so easy.

I found it frustrating at first especially cos some people who couldn't even braid could twist and I'd been braiding hair for years.

It took me about 3 tries, honestly. And with natural hair, even if the twists look odd at first, once you wet them slightly, they look so much better :)

Good Luck :)

Jaycee said...

I love your hair. :)

Adura said...

Hi Jaycee, it's been ages! Hope you're well :)

Thank you :)