Monday, 14 March 2011

Get Trimmer..., Honey and Olive Oil conditioner, Weekend, etc

Hi :)

Hope you had a nice weekend... I realy enjoyed mine - 2 Fitter London classes and then dinner at a friend's (Thanks Ceri!).

I know I haven't put up a Get Trimmer... post in a while, I'll be back on that this week - promise! So - the Get Trimmer... challenge is still on. If you emailed me and I haven't gotten back to you, please email me your stats and I will add them to the next blog post.

Back to my weekend - As always, I stayed in bed for what felt like forever on Sunday morning then I watched Karate Kid (with little cute Jayden Smith) and The Backup Plan (with J Lo). I was able to shower and drag myself out of bed to get some groceries then went straight back home to watch some more TV :) I didn't start cooking (I made some Goat Curry, recipe HERE) until 7pm <-- I always do this on Sundays and end up going to bed at 11!

While watching The Backup plan, I conditioned my hair with Organic Honey and Extra Virgin Olive Oil... As I've mentioned in earlier blog posts, I'm using more natural products on my hair and skin. An advantage to using brown sugar and olive oil for my Facial Scrub and honey and olive oil for my conditioner is - they taste great :p Usually when I'm rinsing manufactured products off my face or skin, I always get a little in my mouth when rinsing and not only do they taste disgusting, the 'cones' in the products end up leaving my mouth feeling coated!

Well... when I was rinsing the honey and olive oil out of my hair yesterday, some of it got in my mouth and it tasted soooo sweet. Of course my hair felt nice and soft after :)

For any one who's interested, I used: 2 heaped tablespoons of honey (it was semi solid) and 3 tablespoons of olive oil, mxed into a smooth paste, applied all over my hair and covered with a shower cap. Usually I'd use my dome dryer to help my hair absorb the conditioner but yesterday... yes, I was too lazy. Left it in my hair for a couple of hours and rinsed out.

My next post on natural skin/haircare will be on Fuller's Earth Powder: I use it to clean my hair and face - LOVE it!

Here's a pic of my (shrunken) hair after cleaning with Fuller's Earth Powder:

Have a nice week :)


Vickii said...

Oooh I'm going to try this conditioner this weekend! How does it leave your hair feeling?

Adura said...

It felt great! I'm gonna add egg the next time (won't use heat which will result in cooked egg in my hair!) for some protein :)

aloted said...

Will try this soon. If I add egg will it be both yolk and egg White?