Friday, 11 March 2011

Friday... again!!!

Time's flying by so quickly... wasn't it just Monday a second ago?

Just pasting a comment from my previous post:
In the midst of her said...Update for u Adura .... down about 15lb to go......yay me!

^^ Well done you! Keep up the good work :) There's nothing like progress - it just keeps motivating you to work harder :)

Hope you're doing well and still working hard to live a healthier lifestyle :) I am! I know it's not easy but once you find the things that work for you, it doesn't feel like a huge effort anymore.

I'm definitely going to get back on posting recipes here because food is a huge part of our lives and if we're not eating right, what's the point in almost killing ourselves in the gym to burn it all off? Wouldn't it be easier to eat well and exercise primarily to be healthier and *not* to burn off last night's pizza and chicken wings (been there done that)?

Have a nice weekend and take time to appreciate where you are right now. Life is nowhere near perfect for any of us but it could be so much worse... After teaching my Fitter London class in the City this morning, I saw news clips of the earthquake in Japan... wow! Just... WOW!

I'm thankful for where I am, it doesn't mean I won't keep working hard to be in a better place (all round) but I appreciate what I've achieved so far :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Yes, another video ;)


mayo said...

wow ur hair is nyc av bin growin my natural hair for 6 years now. i nid really big advice cos i was recently almost frustrated to relaxing again ,i love natural products too n pls advice on products for my hair especially shampoo '' i don tyre 4 chemicals''. i dey for naija.tkia of u n thanks your hair looks relly good

In the midst of her said...

Adura...You looko great and your form is on point. Hun, pls..pls..pls... when are you going to post your food journal. I am still waiting!!!lol...thanks